If U.S. Bombed Iran What Would Actually Happen?

Cenk Uygur | (The Young Turks) –

” Cenk Uygur host of The Young Turks discusses what would happen if the United States decided to launch a war campaign against Iran.

“Many in the United States government seems to be foaming at the mouth to go to war with Iran including Republican Sen. Tom Cotton who believes that bombing nuclear facilities in Iran would take days with no need for boots on the ground. But what would an actual military campaign look like? Some have come forward to say that it is unlikely that airstrikes alone would end the Middle Eastern country’s nuclear facilities and that an actual full scale war would be needed, with the after math possibly being worst than the mess that Iraq became. A prolonged war with a stronger Iranian military would take several years and result in mass casualties that would mirror the conflict in Vietnam. It’s also assumed that the U.S. allies, especially those in mainland Europe, that are anti-Iran would not side with the U.S. as they have always preferred diplomacy over war when dealing with Iran. Relations with Russia, which are already shaky after sanctions over the Ukrainian conflict, would weaken if not completely dissolve.

Best case scenario the United States would be weakened further by yet another pre-emptive war within the Middle East. Worst case scenario an alienated and isolated U.S. could face sanctions or outright war with another major power.”

Should the U.S. start a war with Iran? Let us know what you think in the comments section below. ”

The Young Turks: “If U.S. Bombed Iran What Would Actually Happen?”

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  1. hate to comment, don’t want to give any energy to the thought ..

    watching the usa suicide itself, one stupid idea at a time..

  2. Where does the responsibility for electing a character like Cotton and his ilk lie?
    Good old Cenk, going blue in the face trying to educate hoi polloi. Good luck with that.

  3. is there some legal basis for an attack? with a succession of ‘pre-emptive’ attacks that look anything but necessary and appropriate self-defense, how and on what basis do the american people seriously consider yet another? If only to satisfy Israel, how do we as a people reconcile our support of a regime that has put in place an apartheid society for nearly equal numbers of Jewish and non-Jewish populations with the baldly hypocritical stance towards Israel and its nuclear weapons with the approach towards Iran?

  4. The Koch Brothers poured beaucoup bucks into getting Cotton elected. His opponent is a good statesman, too. So sad. Maybe if you follow the money you will find out who wants war with Iran.

  5. Why not send all these war mongers and their families to the front line before any other U.S. Citizens are put through another chaos.

  6. Yes if the senators want to star,t another war, they have to
    Deploy their children to combat zones and NOT TO ACCEPT DONATION FROM MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX

  7. it is shameful and disgusting to watch any of the elected officials speak of something they no so little about and resign themselves to repeating the mantra that leads to war. Why so much time is spent on promoting education then hoping that by controlling the media message, people will refuse to think and merely adopt the promoted message (lie). Think”

  8. While right on in many senses, Cenk omits the other retaliatory measures Iran could/would take, using proxies like Hezbollah and the like. We have interests, and troops in nearly every country contiguous to Iran, and beyond – they would make our security situation hellish. Just more reasons NOT to pursue this route.

  9. No war declaration against Iran possible and IF Obama can listen to the military and ignore Bibi and congress there will be no attack on Iran.

    So far the record of congress critter actions is not good . . .

    – Libya – the Congress critters avoided any war declaration. Obama did that on his own and I think learned a valuable lesson when the congress critters yelled and shouted, but did not actually do anything.

    – Syria – Obama started this on his own, but backed off and forced the congress critters hand by telling them to vote on a war resolution. Notice that no war resolution has appeared even though years have gone by. McCann and other fake warriors still blow hot air, BUT none of them will actually do their job and introduce a war resolution.

    – ISIS – The congress critters yell every chance they get about how bad ISIS is, BUT has even one of them tried to get a war resolution passed? Every time a congress critter opens their mouth, it should be pointed out that one of the perks of their job is they get to write and introduce bills about anything they want, INCLUDING starting wars.

    – Iran – notice that all we have is lots of hot air. If the congress critters really want to “bomb Iran” all they have to do is pass a bill and over-ride the POTUS veto (and try to avoid all the people in the streets looking to tar and feather them).

    Obama just needs to SAY NO to war and every time he has a microphone in front of his face, he should point blank ask the American public if they want their kids to die in the middle east and if they don’t, they should yell and scream at the congress critters telling them to shut up and let Obama do his job.

  10. Let Iran have At least half the number of Nuclear weapons as
    Israel have or better yet sell Iran as many Nuclear bombs as it can afford to pay in cash say One billion dollars a piece that will bring the balance of power and will be deterrence to attack each other

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