Yemen: Russia, Red Cross Demand halt to Bombing to Avert Humanitarian Catastrophe

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) –

The Red Cross and the Russian Federation are both demanding a temporary cease-fire in the aerial bombardment of Yemen by a Saudi-led coalition, to allow delivery of needed humanitarian goods.

Two weeks of bombing have left some 500 Yemenis dead and 1700 more wounded. Dozens of the killed or wounded are children.

The Red Cross wrote:

“Hospitals and clinics treating the streams of wounded from across much of Yemen are running low on life-saving medicines and equipment. In many parts of the country, the population is also suffering from fuel and water shortages, while food stocks are quickly depleting. Dozens of people are being killed and wounded every day. The streets of Aden are strewn with dead bodies, and people are afraid to leave their homes.”

Saudi airstrikes have repeatedly hit civilian neighborhoods in cities like Sanaa and have, intentionally or no, struck soft targets of no obvious military value, including a refugee camp.

At the United Nations Security Council, the Russian Federation introduced a resolution demanding an immediate temporary cease-fire in Yemen to allow the evacuation of diplomats from Sanaa, the capital, and to allow delivery of humanitarian supplies to non-combatants.

At the same time, Russia denied sending arms to the Houthi rebels.

The air raids have not stopped the Houthi rebels from advancing, and they appear to have taken much of the key southern port of Aden.

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5 Responses

  1. How can anyone make sense of what’s going on in the Muddled East?
    Muddled: To think, act, or proceed in a confused or aimless manner.

    Even if you speak and write a dozen or more Middle East languages and dialects as Professor Cole does, it must still be somewhat difficult and confusing.

    The Muddled East is like giving weapons to each of the major gangs in the 5 boroughs of New York City to help them expand WITHOUT COOPERATION and then leaving them to their own individual desires. Throw in various religious, cultural and other conflicting aspects and beliefs and you get 5 States of Madness (SOM). And who gets hurt or killed the most? The common people.

    Is the old government of Saudi Arabia only protecting it’s Kingdom of monarchy, one of the last in the World?

    Does the United States military and government (the 1% of Americans) really know what they’re doing? Or are the corrupt Billionaires and their puppet millionaires just getting richer and more powerful from the manufacturing of weapons that the 99% of Americans are paying for with their income tax?

    When does the Madness stop? When does cooperation and heart take over? When does the UN grow up?

  2. @Nobody, my short take on your questions:

    “Is the old government of Saudi Arabia only protecting it’s Kingdom?”


    “Does the United States military and government (the 1% of Americans) really know what they’re doing?”


    “When does the Madness stop?”

    Not any time soon.

    “When does cooperation and heart take over?”

    Only once greed, extremism and sectarian hatred has exhausted itself.

    “When does the UN grow up?”

    As soon as the adults are in charge.

  3. This madness, not unlike ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and Taliban, will end when the Saudi regime is finally overthrown, not a distant eventuality. The Wahhabis of Riyadh are so terrified that they’ll inevitably continue with their desperate efforts to stay in power; however, since they will never be involved in a ground war–fear and incompetence–they would like to involve the Pakistanis or Turks. Needless to say, the latter will blackmail the Saudis without giving them anything in return.

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