115 Children Killed: Saudi Arabia’s War on Yemen by the Numbers

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) –

Since the beginning of the Saudi air campaign against the Houthi movement in Yemen on March 26 until April 22, these are the UN statistics on its human cost:

500 civilians killed since March 26

150 children killed

1,185 non-combatant civilians injured

150,000 have fled their homes

23 hospitals were attacked in course of Saudi bombing campaign

30 schools were damaged or occupied by parties to the war


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4 Responses

  1. So sad…however thanks since no one is talking about this. Still to this day we hear little to nothing about the numbers of dead, injured, displaced in Iraq directly due to the U.S. invasion. Americans seem to like it that way

  2. Since the Saudis are considered ‘allies’ to the US they won’t be questioned or scrutinized by the mainstream media, and of course, outright supported by the US govt and politicians.

  3. Rookie question… what marked the houti rebels worthy of Saudi intervention yet ISIS can only generate a ” meh”. As the rookie I want to say that maybe the average saud and the avg ISIS see eye to eye. As a western secularist I’ve rooted for the non fundamentalist and non oil company backed people. And I know the houtis are not them. Yet I don’t see how the houtis, in Saudi eyes, can be more dangerous than Isis even to the house of said. Thanks!

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