Does Rand Paul have Anger Issues?

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“Straight out of the gate, Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul has confirmed his tendency to become prickly and frustrated with the press. In an interview with NBC’s Savannah Guthrie on Wednesday morning, the Senator accused the “Today” show co-host of editorializing on perceived changes in his political views since his election to the Senate. “Why don’t we let me explain instead of talking over me, OK?” Then, in an interview with the Associated Press , Paul chastised reporter Phillip Elliot for pushing him on his views about exceptions in bans on abortions: “I gave you about a five-minute answer.”

Wochit News: “Rand Paul Gets Testy With the Media, Again”

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  1. Searching1

    why single him? The whole world is consumed by anger, hate, fear that’s at the heart of the US & global violence epidemic.

    • Isn’t anger a Republican trademark? Fox news bristles with angry people. Dick Cheney is a study in (barely) controlled rage. Senator McCain angrily denounced those who dared to call out Henry Kissinger for the war criminal he is. The incidents involving Rand Paul are, by comparison, mild, but it is not a good sign when a candidate for president shows contempt for the press. The press, fawning as it is toward political power, is a representative of the public when it asks questions, because few of our politicians would give 30 seconds to an ordinary American asking questions unless in a carefully scripted scenario of a politician’s own devising.

  2. Here in Nevada, TV commercials are running claiming Rand Paul “supported Obama’s nuclear negotiations with Iran.” Paul is desperately trying to change his antiwar spots but to the Republican war hawks, Rand has already crossed the Rubicon. All of the other GOP candidates will march as one.

    “GIVE US WAR!!!”

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