Eyewitness: How the Bush invasion of Iraq created the ISIL Threat

Lindsey Hilsum | (Channel 4 News) –

“Learn how the 2003 invasion of Iraq, by the US and its allies, led to sectarian violence, terror and sowed the seeds of the Islamic State.

Our International Editor, Lindsey Hilsum, recounts her experiences of Iraq during the first months of conflict and explains how ISIS has grown from the remnants of a defeated Al-Qaeda group and gained a stronghold in the heart of Iraq and Syria.”

Channel 4 News: ” The invasion to ISIS: a brief history of violence in Iraq”

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  1. In my opinion, the whole Middle East conflagration can be traced back to George H.W. Bush’s failure to prevent Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait. Had he prevented that there would have been no stationing of US soldiers in Saudi Arabia and thus no incentive for Osama bin Laden to unleash the 9/11 attack on the US. The tragic domino effect of events that followed would not have happened. Let’s put the blame where it lies, and that’s right at the feet of President George H.W. Bush. Remember the words of his ambassador to Iraq before the Kuwaiti invasion; “The U.S. has no opinion in Arab to Arab conflicts.” Oops!

  2. Kenneth, what you are saying is essentially true. And let’s not forget that Bush could have “prevented” the invasion by simply telling Saddam that he did not approve. My understanding is that Saddam actually asked for permission to invade, and our response was that if he did invade, we would not take action against it.

  3. Kenneth and Zeke:

    1) Likely Bin Ladin would have gone for the Towers or something dramatic anyway, irregardless of our first war with Iraq. A) Bin Ladin was further radicalized by the Afghan war and comes from that generation of terrorism, and B) Bin Ladin has always harbored resentment against the US. I used to work at the American University in Cairo and his views were well known. While members of his family were solicited for donations, it was known – leave him off the mailing list

    2) You are referencing the famous dialogue between Ambassador April Glaspie and Saddam Hussein where the Ambassador indicated the US would not interfere. Then she was pulled from view and has never made an interview following that. The State Department made a point of secluding her. Why? That question has never been appropriately tackled. Was Glaspie’s response the result of a conflict of view and/or lack of coordination within the foreign policy apparatus? State does NOT make foreign policy — few people realize this. It’s another agency that does – they set the priorities and State executes. Or Was Glaspie instructed to deliberately mislead Hussein? And later the lesser hawks won out over the chicken hawks in the policy establishment?

    3) Definitely the responsibility for the Iraq debacle likes with the chicken hawks in the Cheney administration. ‘Yellow Cake’ if anyone remembers that. A friend of my uncle, was one of the heads of the UN weapons inspection team that was later disbanded. They did not find evidence of nuclear weaponry, but of course Yellow Cake was prefabricated along the lines that claimed Iraq had these or was close to it and which formed the basis for justifying the invasion of Iraq in 2007

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