Iran: US, Israel dare not attack us; anyway if they could have, they would have

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“With a nuclear deal around the corner, Russia’s decision to proceed with the sale of the sophisticated S-300 missile defense system to Iran sparked a flurry of speculation. How will these developments affect the balance of power in the region? Will it level the playing field or push the region into broader conflict? Oksana is joined by Hossein Dehghan, defense minister of Iran, to examine these issues.”

RT: “Iran Defense Min: US, Israel dare not attack, they would have if they could”

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2 Responses

  1. She is a horrible interviewer, and seems not to know much about the issues or the history of the situation. She visibly finds her guest’s answers to be suspect.

    • She tends to long-windedness, but a certain amount of skepticism would be a good thing if practiced by American journalists too. Of course, RT does not always have the best reputation for holding Russia’s leaders feet to the fire, but here she actually does question Putin’s statements and actions. You can’t fault her for that.

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