Netanyahu on Iran Deal: threatens ‘survival of Israel’, ‘horrific war’

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A nuclear deal with Iran based on current framework will “threaten the survival of Israel”, said PM Benjamin Netanyahu, warning it would increase the risk of a “horrific war.”

In a phone conversation with the US President, the Israeli Prime
Minister expressed his opposition to a framework agreement
reached with [Iran] on Thursday.

Netanyahu has once again called for a “better deal”
insisting that the only way to reach it would be “standing
firm and increasing the pressure on Iran.”

Netanyahu warned that if the final deal due to be signed in June,
fell in line with the current framework, it would “increase
the risks of nuclear proliferation in the region and the risks of
a horrific war.”

Successful negotiations and a sealed deal would
“legitimize” Iran’s nuclear program, which Netanyahu
insists is militarized and designed to increase aggression and
bring more terror throughout the Middle East.

Barack Obama called Netanyahu on Thursday evening to discuss the
agreement reached with Iran following eight-day talks in
Switzerland and convince him that the deal represents significant
progress toward cutting off “all of Iran’s pathways to a
nuclear weapon.”

“It is a good deal. A deal that meets our core
the US President said earlier in his public
address from the White House. “If this framework leads to the
final deal, it would make our country, allies and the world

However, Obama reassured Netanyahu that the progress does not
diminish concerns about “Iran’s sponsorship of terrorism and
threats towards Israel,”
the White House said in a

Iran’s foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that despite
the agreement reached, normalizing relations with Washington is
far from over for Tehran.

“Iran and US relations have nothing to do with this, which
was an attempt to resolve the nuclear issue … We have serious
differences with the United States,”
Zarif said. “We have built mutual distrust in
the past…So what I hope is that through courageous
implementation of this, some of that trust could be remedied. But
that is for us all to wait and see.”

Under the terms of the preliminary deal Iran reached in
Switzerland on Thursday, Iran agreed to reduce its uranium
enrichment capabilities by two-thirds and keep only 6,104 of its
first-generation centrifuges.

Tehran agreed not to enrich uranium over the 3.67 percent mark
for at least 15 years. It also made concessions to reduce its
current stockpile of low-enriched uranium and not build any new
facilities for 15 years.

The country also agreed to convert its highly secured facility at
Fordow so that it would no longer enrich uranium. Limits on
enrichment have also been placed at Natanz facility. The deal
also paves the way for inspections and transparency mechanisms
where the IAEA will have regular access to all of Iran’s nuclear

In return “ after the IAEA verification“ Iran will receive
sanctions relief as US and EU have agreed to halt nuclear-related
restriction on Iran.

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  1. Today I was listening to a report from NBC correspondent Ann Curry and I thought I heard her say that after 9/11 Iran had offered to reduce its centrifuges to 100, but the Bush Administration wasn’t interested. It is pretty well known that Iran made a number of feelers during the year after 9/11 toward normalizing relations but were ultimately rebuffed because of hardliners in the Administration. Coincidentally, one of the main Iranians involved in this effort was Zarif, who was the chief negotiator for Iran during these recent talks. Curry’s reference was the first I heard about Iran offering to make adjustments to their nuclear program during the early 2000’s. I spent about 30 to 45 minutes on Google, trying various search terms, but was unable to find anything about this. Does anyone know if what Curry said can be verified?

    • Gary Page, I remember that Iran was helping USA in Afghanistan in late 2001, but Bush43 decided to include Iran in their ‘axis of evil’ tripod…Iraq, Iran, N.Korea. Iran got pissed, went home and starting their bomb building process knowing that our crazies would do same to them as they were doing to Iraq.

      I remember this. I had just retired early 2001, and watched news a lot. When 9/11 happened I heard and saw the movement heading for Iraq with a stop off in Afghanistan. I heard the scary words that we could have a ‘mushroom cloud’ going off if we did not go to Iraq, and take out Saddam. It’s the same words BiBi and GOP are using now.

    • Zero is a fantasy, and you can blame President George W. Bush’s administration for that. It may have been possible to convince Iran to dismantle all its centrifuges when it had only a few dozen in 2003 and first offered to talk to the U.S.. Or in 2005, when it had a few hundred and was in talks with the European Union. But the Bush administration spurned any deal. “We don’t negotiate with evil,” said Vice President Dick Cheney, “We defeat it.” As a result, the talks collapsed and Iran went from zero centrifuges installed at the beginning of the Bush administration to about 6,000 at the end.

      From: link to

    • The dispute over Iran’s enrichment
      activities is more than a decade old.
      In 2003, Iran offered to cooperate
      with France, Germany, and the UK
      to resolve international concerns,
      agreeing to suspend key parts of its
      enrichment program temporarily and
      make it more transparent to help build
      global confidence that Tehran was not
      developing nuclear weapons. In the
      United States, however, the George
      W. Bush administration adopted the
      view that Iran should not be allowed
      to operate even a single centrifuge.
      When diplomacy failed, Iran resumed
      its enrichment program and has
      built and installed large numbers of

      From: link to

  2. How does Bibi think the USA can get a “better deal?”

    Lets pretend Bib succeeds in using the USA congress critters to derail this negotiation, what does he think will happen?

    – More sanctions? – China and Russia have very publicly said there will be no additional sanctions. In fact if the USA congress derails the negotiations, China and Russia will drop all their current sanctions. In addition, while most European countries may not “officially” drop sanctions, many will turn a blind eye to any infractions and when the USA complains act like Sgt Schulz on the US TV show (“I know nothing ….”). Once most of the sanctions are gone, the USA will have zero leverage over Iran and no partners to help.

    – More banking restrictions? – The Chinese are very angry about USA control of the global banking system. This is one of the reasons the new Chinese trade bank has zero USA participation and does not use the USA dollar as the trading currency. The new bank is designed to provide an alternative to the USA controlled banking system. The new bank will NOT have any restrictions on financial transaction with Iran and will hide any such transactions from the USA. It will very effectively launder all Iranian transactions. The more the USA congress critters try to use the USA controlled banking system as a club, the more countries will abandon the USA system in favor of the Chinese system. The USA has zero leverage over China, who will simply tell the USA to go suck an egg. BTW – The Israelis are so naive about this bank, they are trying to join, indirectly helping Iran.

    – More trade retaliations by the USA against other countries to get compliance? – Sure, congress critters could try to punish non-USA companies, BUT that works both ways. There are many countries that would love an excuse to punish USA companies and favor local companies. They have avoided this to keep from starting a trade war with the USA, BUT . . . if the USA starts it, they will be glad to go along. Very quickly, USA companies and products will be under financial attack around the globe and those USA companies will know exactly who the beat up – the congress critters. Once started, this would be hard to stop and even when the congress critters tried to undo the damage, they might not succeed. This would of course ensure no one listened to the USA about Iran.

    – Military force? – As noted elsewhere in Dr. Cole’s very valuable site, this would be catastrophic for Israel and the USA and has a 90% chance of failure. Obama is very aware of the consequences of attacking Iran and is doing all he can to avoid that. He is actually being helped by congress since none of the congress critters want to actually vote on any more war. Congress has avoided voting on a Syria war and an ISIL war. It is doubtful that congress critters would vote to attack Iran, especially given that two governors that recently made unpopular decisions were forced to publicly back down in humiliation (sure they tried to put a nice face on it,but they felt the humiliation). I suspect that even with the Knesset, Bibi could not get a war authorization either, which is why he is trying to get the congress critters to do it.

    So the bottom line is, this is the BEST deal Bibi is going to see and anything he does to derail it will be terrible for Israel. Just getting this deal has used up all the political capitol the USA has and the world will not listen any more if this falls apart.

    Bib has LOST and he should just accept it.

  3. Without a deal Israel’s existence will be threatened, WITH a deal, Israel’s existence is threatened, it seems Netanyahu cannot make up his mind. ON the other hand, without existential threats Israel cannot keep that occupation going, and cannot keep justifying IT”S violent reactions in the neighborhood.

    Which is it, Bibi? Are you so desperate for yet another US led war, that it is damned if we do or damned if we don’t?


    • Remember, all the other lies are based on the lie that Israel does not possess hundreds of nuclear weapons. If the US says that it does, then Israel doesn’t have a problem or excuse to continue its relentless game of self-victimization.

  4. ملک

    Bibi #Netanyahu just got bitch slapped by world powers over #Iran. Show how weak has made #Israel now.

  5. I’m not a person who resorts to cursing but to Netanyahu I would like to say….STFU!!! I listened to Hannity yesterday to gauge his reaction to the deal. As you can imagine it was hysterical, in a bad way.

    This past week, I read that former representative Bachmann compared Obama to the German pilot who crashed the airliner. Ted Nugent blamed Obama for the rampant suicides occurring among our servicemen because they were ashamed of our president. Sarah Palin continues to spread lies about death panels associated with Obamacare and now they have fresh red meat for the masses…Obama is selling out our country to appease his Muslim/ Persian friends while setting the stage for our BFF in the middle east, Israel, to be nuked.

    The Sunday morning talk shows will be interesting.

    • He also loves being puppet master to the US congress, and hearing their applause when he speaks.

  6. I printed and read the 4 page framework document to see for myself what it was/is. I did this cause our media, political almost never discuss the policy so that people can understand what the debate/discussion is all about.

    Case in point, last night on MSNBC Chris Matthews said he didn’t want to discuss the framework, but wanted to discuss the GOP opposition to it. And what the opposition was against was not in the agreement….they were opposing nonexistent things and making a whole lot of noise. Media picks up and runs with GOP noise making and what’s in the policy never gets debate.

    • Mary, there is no “Framework Document”.

      There was a Joint Statement from the EU and Iran, but that was a verbal communique. The transcript is here:

      link to

      There was also a White House Fact Sheet, but that isn’t an official document, nor was its content agreed to by the other participants.

      I believe the latter is what you are referring to, but it isn’t the “framework”, it’s the White House spin on events.

      But for what it’s worth, if you do accept the WH’s Fact Sheet as, umm, fact then here is a very good summary:

      link to

  7. One should expect no less from Netanyahu and the Right, both in Israel and the U.S. Their modus operandi is to create fear and hate for a rival or imagined enemy, for this is the source of the power that they hold over an ill-informed, gullible public. Look back through history, and you will see similar behavior by virtually all despots and tyrants. Their promise to a frightened populace is always “I will protect you.”

  8. Bibi is quite right that the nuclear deal with Iran is a threat to the existence of ” his”Israel. Netanyahu’s Israel is an Israel of apartheid, Jim Crow, open air prison in Gaza, slow ethnic cleansing , continuing colonization and endless aggressions to acheive the ambition of the “greater Israel”.

  9. What amazes me is the concern about Iran being able to develop a nuclear weapon on their own. With the fall of the Soviet Union and the lax security over nuclear stockpiles, it seems as though something like a warhead might have been (be?) available on the black market. Or, why not go shopping in Pakistan, which is right next door, where AQ Khan did his work?^*
    Seems as though the agreement goes further than just nuclear arms considering the fairly recent establishment of BRICS and other nations siding with Iran, not forgetting the possible sale of anti-aircraft missiles by Russia.** Marginalising BOTH Iran and Russia on many fronts does nothing to foster cooperation and peaceful intentions. Encouraging deviation from the international norm is more dangerous.
    The current leader of occupied Palestine has inflated his own position and, correspondingly, that of the threats he voices. Belligerence is never a good way to reduce anxiety or tensions in the region. With exaggerated senses of vigilance comes a certain amount of paranoia, no?*** If there is a sure path to destruction, it is increasing the destabilisation of nations as has been seen in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and numerous others in which the concentration of power has been atomised (!) into innumerable competing factions with the stability of air currents, capable of being calm or cyclonic.

    ^ link to
    * link to
    ** link to
    *** link to

    • Per The Nuclear Threat Initiative ( there are some nukes that are “missing” from the global inventory. NTI is a reasonably balanced view of the global nuclear situation.

      Then there is the Pakistani entrepreneur, AQ Khan, who sells nukes to pretty much anyone (Pakistan “promised” he wouldn’t do that). The Saudis went shopping with him when they needed something to put on top of their brand new DF-21C MRBM they purchased form China (DF-21c is a quick-fire solid fuel missile with a 30 meter accuracy – of course who needs that much accuracy when it is topped with a nuke). If the Iranians were not so paranoid about sourcing weapons from third parties, they could have had a nuke long ago.

      As others have pointed out, Israel is a target for many REAL WORLD nukes (Saudi Arabia, Russia, China and possibly India, Pakistan, the UK or France), so why is it so worried about Iran, which does NOT actually have a nuke yet?

      Yes, I know people will see that list and say I am smoking something, BUT all of those are probable. Far too many Israelis think the “Samson Option” is a great idea. Israel has developed ICBMS that can reach all of Europe, Russia, ME and parts of China. Therefore, Saudi Arabia and Russia are obvious. China always targets known threats and Israel is a threat. It is also reasonable to think the UK and France have target plans for a rogue Israel. India certainly has the nukes and the ICBMs to nuke Israel, but unless Israel’s actions harm India, it is unlikely to nuke Israel. Currently Pakistan’s MRBM can not quite reach Israel, but the next version probably will (or Pakistan can simply buy ICBMs from NK) and Pakistan certainly has the nukes.

      So yes, the “problem” of Iran someday getting a nuke does seem to be over blown. The real reason probably has to do more with balance of power in the ME. Israel can not survive very long if they can’t scare others and Iran having nukes would take away the scare factor. There are many in the USA that are still angry that our Iranian puppet was thrown out by the people of Iran and “our oil” was sold to China and others. And of course the Saudis have made a terrible deal with ultra extremist Muslims, so they have to oppose the “other Muslims.” In reality this is more about who has the bigger male sex organ than about nukes.

  10. ” …bring more terror throughout the Middle East.”

    The arrogance and hypocrisy of this fanatic and his country is staggering. We know israel has nuclear weapons obtained by theft .. deceit … and lies … yet western politicians are all complicit in his relentless drive towards bombing Iran for wanting the same protection. Israel and those who support Netanyahu have become detestable pariahs and there will be a backlash against them.

  11. Well, of course this deal increases the risk of a horrific war.

    After all, one way or another Netantayahu is determined to start that war, and as far as he is concerned this is as good an excuse as any…..

  12. The Iranians are far too polite to point this out, but they proposed roughly the same deal to the European negotiators from the (then) E3 group back in 2005, during the negotiations that arose from the Paris Agreement of November 2004.

    The Europeans said “No, no way”, precisely because GW Bush was pulling their strings and he was insisting on zero enrichment and zero centrifuges.

    link to

    So a decade of “US diplomatic involvement” has gotten everyone to…. pretty much the same place they would have been a decade ago if the USA had simply Stayed The F**k Out Of This.

    Sad, but true.

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