2015 Darwin Award: Paris would-be Church bomber Shoots own Leg, Calls 911

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“This church in the Parisian suburb of Villejuif may have escaped being attacked last week-end. “Documentation was found that said without ambiguity that a person known to authorities would carry out an attack on 1 or 2 churches,” says French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve.”

France24 English: “France Terror threat – All we know about the arrested armed man and his plans to attack churches”

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  1. Drama indeed. Very sad for the murdered woman, but another nasty dig at Muslims by reiterating that he was from Algeria (like many millions of non-murderers in France).

  2. Americans do not shoot themselves in the leg.

    I have run a Google search on “man shoots himself in penis,” and my random sampling of the 213,000 results found all the shooters to be Americans. Apparently we have a new national pastime, replacing baseball.

    I attribute this in part to the popularity of Glock pistols. If you jam a Glock under the waistband of your trousers, in so doing you release the trigger safety and prepare the pistol to fire. Glocks should be carried in a pistol case or in a hard shell holster designed for that model of Glock pistol.

    This accounts for a lot of self-inflicted wounds to the lower extremities, but not the prevalence of p-shots. I am at a loss to explain it. We are talking about a very small target and these are not skilled marksmen: but on refining my search, I found just one man who shot his testicles off while shopping at Lowe’s, and that was five years ago.

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