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  1. If they organized like the Black Panthers he showed, they would be exterminated like the Black Panthers.

    But he’s right that all efforts must be focused on the goal of making it costly for at least one of the key institutions that support police terror to continue to do so. The police lie when they say they must rule the streets this way. If they had to choose between a 20% budget cut and learning new methods, guess what they’d do. If you can’t hurt the police, hurt the district attorneys who use them as henchmen to advance their own careers. If you can’t get the district attorneys, hurt the mayors. Make it impossible for them to do their jobs or raise campaign funds – without giving them the excuse to declare martial law. And if they declare martial law anyway, then make that very costly for the capitalist elite they are all expected to serve. All of these people exploit your money for a living. Find out how and find a way to divert your money from them.

  2. If it wasn’t for Brown v Board of Education we would never be hearing the words racism or discrimination or inequality so much. I have come to hold the Brown decision did little to help the Blacks. As of today nothing is substantially different. Black complain residential communities are still segregated and schools today are essentially resegregated. So where’s the progress?

    The blunder that was Brown was Judges assuming the role of social pathologists in regard to behavioral and developmental interests of elementary school children by its opinion holding that the way to cure legal inequality is to enforce social equality.

    There must be a cause for every effect. What causes racism or unequal treatment between the races? The cause of all this inequality is misunderstood. It is but a symptom of a more fundamental issue. The failure to understand is excusable, except for the educated. It is not ” white discrimination” that retards Black progress, except in trivial ways that has benefited a few. The underlying root of the problem is the denial–unintentional or perhaps adverse to one’s agenda — by both Blacks and Whites — to come to understand and accept the impossibility of social assimilation which persists, obviously, even after 100 years of the Brown v Board of Education decision. Blacks interpret this as race discrimination by whites thinking if there was no discrimination there would be no inequality and assimilation would in time prevail. They have it inside out. It’s the inexorable difficulty by Blacks to achieve assimilation that they are experiencing racism making race the one major domestic insoluble social problem. And the sad fact is the problem is a burden to the Blacks, not to the Whites, but the Blacks think the problem is the Whites, not the Blacks. The Blacks are caught in a trap and there’s no way out. Black resentment of discrimination and inequality will continue to percolate unabated with Ferguson-like events over and over until Blacks finally come to understand Self-Segregation or Nationalization is the only solution for interpersonal equality and social justice, as did Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X –and that, for all practical purposes — is only in theory. If all men were archangels there would be no inequality or discrimination as assimilation would never be an issue.

    Every human society, civilized or uncivilized, throughout history has had a system of class privilege based on something–a royal birth or impressive wealth or one’s religion…. or one’s race. Monarchism is a system of privilege based on birth. Plutocracy is a system of privilege based in wealth, Nepotism is a system of privilege based on personal relationships, Theocracy is a system of privilege based on a religion and Racism is a system of privilege based on race.

    In summary, my view of the situation is that black agitation and its offshoots in “diversity” politics and multi-culturelism having its origin in Brown v Board of Education tragically promotes an antagonistic, alienated, oppositional black politics that serves only to polarize the races, has only marginally helped Blacks and will end either in separation or a national movement, ultimately to the Blacks advantage and the Whites blessings.

  3. I’m just back from 4 days in Harlem, NYC. Everyone was friendly to me, people gave me their seat on the subway because my hair is white, not gray. Even the panhandlers were respectful, whereas in my hometown, Albuquerque, NM, two people who were upset at not getting $ from me quickly spit in my face and threatened me in Sam’s Club parking lot. I’m very white, maybe the people in Manhattan didn’t notice. Don’t let this young brother’s vernacular obscure his powerful message for people of all colors. Amen brother. cdk

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