Obama to Train 75,000 Solar Workers in 5 Yrs, Including Veterans

Barack Obama | (Whitehouse.gov) –

“President Obama traveled to the Hill Air Force Base in Salt Lake City, Utah to discuss his initiative to connect veterans with jobs in the burgeoning solar energy industry. April 3, 2015.”

The White House: “President Obama Speaks on Jobs in America’s Solar Energy”

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  1. I have always suspected that Obama had a grand strategy and it is becoming more and more apparent. By committing to green energy you not only create jobs and help on climate change, you reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Once that is done, then we can begin an orderly withdrawal from the Middle East. Without oil, the Middle East has no strategic value to the US. If we are independent of their oil, then the area is not important to us. Withdrawal of US interest and influence would then reduce the threat of terrorism.

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