Conservative, Catholic Ireland 1st Country to vote in Gay Marriage

Channel 4 News | (Video) –

“Support for gay marriage in Ireland reaches 65 per cent with just the final votes to be counted – a resounding yes which forces the hugely influential Catholic church into turmoil after it opposed the change.”

Channel 4 News: “Ireland votes to legalise gay marriage”

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  1. I’d be interested to hear why Ireland is described as “conservative’ Catholic” in your headline.

    “Catholic”? Nominally, in the sense that the overwhelming majority describe themselves as such when asked in a census or such like. But in practice, not so much. The great majority of people participate in their nominal religion rarely if at all. As the old joke has it, they make it to church only 5 times in their existence, and they have to be carried for the 1st and last of them.

    “Conservative”? I’d really like to know in what sense! Social attitudes are pretty much on a par with most of north-western Europe and have been for at least 25 years.

    The clich├ęs about Houly Catlick Oireland exist only in the minds of British tabloids and (Mother of God preserve us) US ‘Plastic Paddies’ puking their rings out on what they are pleased to call “Patty’s Day”. (*shudder*)

    But the Yes vote was great. Anyone who knows anything about Ireland knew the result was pretty much inevitable.

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