Is Sen. Tom Cotton right that ISIL is Winning?

John Iadarola, Jimmy Dore, Ana Kasparian | (The Young Turks) —

“Senator Tom Cotton has a lot of faith in the military prowess of ISIS, and its fighters, unfortunately though he doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about when he talks about ISIS. John Iadarola (Think Tank), Jimmy Dore (The Jimmy Dore Show), Ana Kasparian (The Point,) show a clip of Sen. Tom Cotton discussing ISIS and break it down. Has Tom Cotton ever said anything that’s made sense? ”

The Young Turks: “Senator Tom Cotton Is COMPLETELY Wrong About ISIS Winning”

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  1. Ben Bell

    @cwharlow The more pressing point is when this guy is representing the American people, we’re all losing.

  2. Tom Cotton is the mirror image of the Republican party and it’s presidential candidates. Check out Marco Rubio’s speech yesterday….”WE WILL FIND YOU. WE WILL KILL YOU.” The GOP’s strategy for 2016 will be based on foreign policy and national security. War against a multitude of bad guy threats always sells BIG in the GOP.

    What else do they have? Amnesty and Climate Change are out.

  3. Cotton will be one of the gop candidates for president in 2020, replacing Cruz I’d wager. That’s what he’s gearing up for now.

    • The Young Turks and the independent article are making opposite claims about Daesh. Tom Cotton agrees with the Independent article, but Daesh is slowly being pushed back. They aren’t winning or even holding their own in Iraq.

  4. Tom Cotton is clearly winning. You go Tom, keep telling us how you understand the demonic scary world, and how you will protect us. You da man we are all wanting as our saviour!

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