US Kneejerk support for Israeli Nukes Torpedoes UN Disarmament Talks

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) –

After four weeks of negotiations, a revised UN treaty on nuclear disarmament has been torpedoed by the United States, leaving the issue of global disarmament dead in the water for the next five years. Non-nuclear states are furious at Washington and also fearful that in the absence of an agreement, nuclear proliferation will now march on. Moreover, they are upset at the slow pace of reduction of numbers of nuclear weapons by nuclear-armed states such as the US and Russia.

The US vetoed the document because it contained a clause requiring Israel to meet with Arab neighbors and to participate in talks leading to the making of the Middle East a nuclear free zone. Israel is the only country in the Middle East with a substantial nuclear arsenal, which it hides in plain sight by refusing to talk about it. UN-mandated negotiations with Egypt and other Arab states could have forced Israel to admit its nuclear stockpile and begin reducing it.

The US tried to make it look like the revised treaty’s demise was Egypt’s fault, since that country had put in the clause concerning Israeli nukes.
But it is perfectly understandable that Egypt wants a nuclear arms-free zone in the Middle East.

In running interference for Israel’s estimated 400 warheads, the US has made the world a more dangerous place. It has sacrificed a general revision of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty for the sake of protecting Tel Aviv’s nukes– which are themselves driving the Middle East arms race.

Egypt warned that the Arab world would take strong stances as a result of the US veto. There are rumors that Saudi Arabia is threatened by Israeli and Iranian nuclear programs and may go for broke to try to acquire at least a breakout capacity, itself.

Guess which country has requested further meetings at the UN in hopes of reviving the revised NPT? Iran.


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  1. Another very serious sad step in the apparent process of killing our so-called “Western Civilization:” the most serious political problems cannot even be addressed, so that when the environmental/economic stuff hits the fan, no one can cooperate because they are too stuck with their old hatreds, fears, and lies …

  2. The Saudis are going to freak.

    Israel and the USA have just made a very bad strategic error and China and Pakistan are going to make a ton of money because or it.

    Saudi Arabia currently has state-of-the-art Chinese DF21C quick launch solid fuel MRBM that supposedly have non-nuclear warheads, BUT . . .

    The Chinese DF21C is ALSO capable of carrying nuclear warheads and very strong rumors going around in security circles is that the Saudis have paid AQ Khan to build nuclear warheads for the DF21C. The BIG question these days is where those warheads actually are. Are they still in Pakistan? Are they in a Saudi warehouse? Or are they bolted to a DF21C? Note that neither the USA nor Israel will take the chance to attack either Pakistan or Saudi Arabia to disrupt any shipment because the world would come crashing down on Israel. Right now Saudi pilots are getting lots of combat experience in Yemen (as are Iranian pilots in Iraq), meaning that an attack on the Saudis or Iran could be very problematic for Israel.

    Note that the Saudis have simply paid top dollar for nukes on the black market instead of trying to build their expertise inside the restrictions of the NPT.

    It is long past time for the USA to shove Israel overboard and to do what is BEST for the USA because following Israel down the dark path they are on will just drag the USA into hell.

    The nuclear genie (along with all the other technology that mankind has developed over the last 50000 years) is out of the bottle and the ONLY way to contain it is to have global negotiations where everyone (INCLUDING Israel) is forced to comply.

    In the long term this is BAD for the USA.

  3. Sad news, but thanks for reporting it. I haven’t seen any discussion of this from the major U.S. news sources.

  4. The last sentence of this article raises so many doubts.

    Maybe Iran’s greatest threat of all is it’s ability to expose the confusion, unrest, and political obstruction that the US & Israel seem to stir up.

  5. I’m in favor of dismantling Israel’s nuke program. But to be fair, their nukes haven’t triggered a potential arms race. It is the possibility of an Iranian nuke program which would set that in motion. The ME never liked Israel’s “covert” US-backed nukes, but there has obviously been an understanding in the ME until now with Iran. I think this needs to be clear for the sake of discussion. Doesn’t mean I support Israel’s nukes.

    • Iran doesn’t have nukes and never has. They had a program at one point, but abandoned it soon after Iraq was attacked. Right now they are the most monitored country in the world (under the NPT). Nobody with a brain is scared of Iranian nukes.

  6. See Richard Clarke’s book, “Your Country Failed You”, about his department’s 1986 spy satellite discovery that an exact copy of a Chinese IRBM missile base was being built inside Saudi Arabia. Washington shut that down. But the intent has been there all along, waiting for a moment like this.

    • For some reason the “fearless” USA media has chosen to ignore that completed missile base and the Chinese DF21C MRBM positioned there and the rumors of AQ Khan made nuclear warheads.

      For some reason the USA media is focused on Iran while ignoring the situations in Saudi Arabia, Israel, India and Pakistan. Note that Pakistan has everything it needs to nuke Israel except the IRBM and India has the ICBMs and nukes to enable to to nuke most of the known world (India has successfully put many satellites into orbit which requires the same missile technology as an ICBM).

  7. Such a shame. Not even a Nobel Peace prize winner is adult enough to realize that real peace demands that EVERYBODY put their nuclear toys away. Of course, it is true, for all of you monotheistic maniacs, that keeping Israel well-armed with nuclear arms will hasten that Holy day for the grand and glorious apocalypse. Oh Holy Israel!
    [I know that the nutball philosophies driven by prophecies of ancient madmen will continue for the rest of my life. I just hope that homo sapiens are able to evolve to greater intelligence than exists today]

  8. I smiled when I read the headline.

    You don’t think much of Saudi Arabia either, do you?

    Never mind.

    The millennials if not you will come to make peace with Israel. Why? The internet! It’s not just zeros and ones–it moves at the speed of light.

    That’s a clear message in “The New Arabs”, if one is quick to pick up on your prediction. As I told you “The Medium is the Message”

    And by-the-way, I always keep a dictionary at hand when I read and I usually never need to have recourse so when you write the word “meatspace” [ without quotation marks or even a footnote, and on the same page, please! ] you had me go to the Urban Dictionary. How was I to know to whom you intended your book to be read. I read a lot, but I do not “Text”.

  9. If any country needed a nuclear deterrent, it is Iran.

    Nuclear Israel has made no secret of its desire to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities back to the stone age. If that should happen, I’m sure a few bombs will miss their target and accidentally hit strategic facilities across the country. Stuff happens.

    The most nuclear musclebound country in the world, USA, has always kept this option “on the table”.

    Faced with any such threat the US would bomb the threatener with everything it takes.

    North Korea has shown that a small number of nuclear weapons is enough to keep the giants at bay. Are we giving Iran any option they can trust?

  10. All it would take is the Israelis detonating a one-megaton hydrogen bomb at an altitude of 100 kilometers over Iran which will cause a “super-pulse” of electricity which would irreversibly damage electrical and electronic circuitry of just about every automobile, computer, communications device, machinery, and electrical grid in the country.

    Israel has both the H-bomb and the launch vehicle to deliver such a device to wreak such havoc.

    Israel has “hardened” its electrical grid to avoid the effects of such a super-pulse attack and thus could conceivably detonate such a device to inflict such a super-pulse on its immediate neighbors without causing significant damage to its own power systems.

    The U.S. has NOT spent the several tens of billions of dollars needed to likewise “harden” its electrical grid and is susceptible to a potentially devastating “super-pulse” attack on its electrical production and transmission facilities.

    • Is that the only damage (electrical blackout) that an H bomb would cause? Radioactive fallout?

      • Absolutely, radioactive fallout would likely be dispersed over a broad area, contaminating farm crops into areas such as China and elsewhere.

        The effects of radiation would be devastating to the environment.

    • There is no such “magic weapon” as a “super-pulse” one-megaton hydrogen bomb. What you are proposing is to nuke Iran and kill hundreds of thousands to millions of humans with blast heat and radiation.

      BTW – within 7 days, tons of highly radioactive stuff will be raining down on the USA food production areas of the west coast and midwest. Given how much Americans freak out about GMO food, they will be really thrilled to be eating irradiated food. Strontium 90 for dinner anyone?

      So if you want to slowly kill yourself with radiation, go ahead and nuke Iran, but keep in mind that China, India and Pakistan are directly down-wind of Iran and may not be too thrilled with you nuking them by proxy. They just may nuke you in return.

      There are NO MAGIC WEAPONS.

      ALL, repeat ALL, nuclear weapons produce tremendous heat, radiation and millions of tons of deadly debris. Note also that current atmospheric modeling shows that as few as five nuclear blasts over large cities could lead to nuclear winter…

      • So somebody tell me why the U.S. and Israel keeps these nukes ready to fire on a second’s notice? Why is anybody in favor of these things? I don’t understand it.

        • Basic hubris and extreme arrogance. American and Israeli exceptionalism at its “finest.”

          When nukes were first developed, we knew nothing about them other than they made a bigger bang. Heck, we even tested them in the open air close to Las Vegas and other population centers in the USA (I still wonder if the tests in Las Vegas were a trigger for my late wife’s cancer since she saw several of the blasts as a child). It took us over a decade to realize that open air testing was contaminating our own food sources and it took many decades after the tests stopped, for the contamination to decrease to the point no one in the USA is seriously concerned about it.

          Basically nukes are only good for one thing – committing suicide. If Israel ever uses its nukes, it will simply disappear and most of the non-Israeli Jews (who can not control Israel) will unfortunately be hunted down in retribution by any survivors left on earth. If the USA ever uses its nukes, all of the USA population centers will disappear and all of the land will be contaminated, as will most of the northern hemisphere (since the northern and southern hemispheres do interchange atmosphere, even the southern area will eventually become contaminated, but people there might live long enough to regret living.

          The bottom line is humans crave power over other humans and nukes are seen as a big “male organ” in the power pecking order, even though from a practical point of view they are worthless.

          Just listen to all the belligerence coming from every human leader on earth towards at least some other group of humans. Every human on earth has an inferiority complex and is afraid some other human will have a slightly better life then them.

          This is why, even though intellectually many leaders realize nukes are dangerous, their egos will not let them make the first move. They are afraid of appearing “weak.” It is the same school yard games on an adult level.

  11. The US is not interested in pursuing strategies that seek a cooperative outcome at the expense of its top dog position, however rational. The perceived benefits of a nuclear weapon free ME are outweighed by the potential integration of non-western interests in the area, triggered perhaps by concern for Palestinians. Sometimes it is necessary to accept services from those whose behaviour is otherwise distressing. This could be said of Israel which serves the US by keeping the ME on the boil at a cost to little more than US reputation. This is perhaps where Iran enters the equation. Iranians for all their rhetoric are more ‘Western’ than ‘Eastern’ but signals from recent Iranian cooperative activities with Russia and China may have reached a point where the potential disadvantages of further acceleration in that direction begin to outweigh the benefits Israel provides. Given the difficulties Obama has endured from Israel, and his apparent intention to squeeze an agreement from the P5+1 negotiations come what may, that point may already have arrived. Israel’s nuclear arsenal has been around quite some time and dealing with it now could create a whole host of problems better kicked down to road a bit further.

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