Palestinians drop motion on Expelling Israel from In’tl Soccer for Apartheid

Update: Having made their point, Palestine dropped this motion at FIFA on Friday, likely because of behind the scenes assurances the harassment will stop. (note: title has changed.).

By Camila Benson | (IMEMC) | –

Palestinian Football Association chief, Jibril Rajoub, says of the vote to expel Israel from FIFA that “the situation has not changed.”

FIFA president Sepp Blatter has been trying to avoid the vote, saying that the situation brings politics into football and that Israel has not breached any of FIFA’s statutes.

Israel has placed numerous restrictions on Palestinian National Football players, citing “security” reasons. Members of the team that live in Gaza are often not allowed to travel to the West Bank for practice and are sometimes detained during travel for football.

Shipments of sports equipment are regularly delayed because of Israeli checkpoints and sometimes never even arrive.

Israel Football Association President Ofer Eini says that football and politics should be kept separate, despite the fact that restrictions put on Palestinian players come from the Israeli government.

This is not the first time Israeli policies towards PNF players. In 2013, the Red Card Israeli Racism movement boycotted the football championship that was held in Israel. The championship was still played despite international pressure.

In regards to the recent FIFA corruption scandal, it seems the vote is still scheduled for Friday.


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  1. daaitoulaam

    Intl Soccer is meaningless for Israel. When they push FIBA and Euroleague to ban Maccabi Tel Aviv, then talk to me.

  2. Would Sepp Blatter regard the boycott move as “politics” if the Swiss were being treated similar to the Palestinians by Israel or another country ? I.e. subjected to repeated humiliation under military rule, subject to theft of natural resources, subject to heavy bombardment that kills entire families and hundreds of kids and so on ? Would Blatter still regard a boycott against Israel / the other country as “politics” ?

  3. What does Blatter say about the workers (i.e. modern slaves) in Qatar? I heard nothing… Was he silenced even before Qatar was chosen for a World Cup venue? See nothing, say nothing, laugh to the secret account, a POSSIBLE moto for some of those big wigs.

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