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    • Unfortunately the immigrant Muslim community has failed to make alliances with the African American Muslim community. Heretofore the immigrant Muslims have been only interested in a relationship based upon subordination of African Americans. Those yahoos would never come into the African American community and assail our right to practice Islam or question or Americanism.

      • I think you’re too optimistic. There are many Tea Party ties to the old militia movement of the 1990s that in turn grew out of the crushing of the old white supremacist movements of the 1980s. They’re simply learning more sophisticated lies to hide their mechanism to restore Jim Crow and worse. They do not recognize the Constitutionality of the 13th and 14th Amendments. They basically tell their new fans that the Feds cannot give blacks the rights of citizenship, but we can trust them to take care of that at the state level.

        Of course people like that may WANT blacks to be seen as Muslims in order to more easily claim a threat to white Christian Americans that requires disenfranchisement.

  1. And how is all of this not an incitement to riot, or a disturbance of the peace, and subject to arrest or dispersal notice? Right wing gun nuts and evangelicals continue to get a free pass on bigotry.

    • The entire game plan is based on our double standards; if a white militia’s crimes provoke Moslems into forming a militia, the latter will inevitably be perceived as far more of a threat than the former, and the resulting cycle of retaliation favors the reactionary appeal to “purify” America.

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