Do Republicans favor Coal Plants over Americans’ Health?

Cenk Uygur | (The Young Turks) | –

‘”The Obama administration’s proposed curbs on coal-burning power plants could prevent thousands of deaths each year from heart attack and respiratory disease, scientists said Monday in the first peer-reviewed study to examine the measure’s health impacts.

Many parts of the country could see immediate improvements in air quality as a side-effect of the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed “Clean Power Plan” regulations, which are primarily intended to cut greenhouse gas emissions linked to climate change, the researchers said in a study published in Nature Climate Change.

Depending on implementation, the proposals could prevent about 3,500 premature deaths a year, mostly from respiratory disease, said the study’s authors, scientists from Harvard and Syracuse universities and four other institutions.”*’

The Young Turks: “Proof Republicans Favor Coal Plants Over Human Lives”

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  1. Texas aging electrical power generation is primarily coal-fired and gives Texas the dubious distinction of having the most polluted air on a day-to-day average basis in the U.S.

    Texas is also a major producer of natural gas which is obviously at a surplus because there are now plans in place for a significant natural gas pipeline into Mexico very shortly.

    • Numerous aging poisonous coal-fired generator plants.

    • Far less poisonous natural gas in surplus.

    Bidness as usual in Republican Texas.

    Now, about those fracking quakes becoming strong enough to cause surface damage in North Texas.

  2. Jesus, earthquakes in Texas. So much for the libertarian claim that capitalists do no harm because their fist stops at the end of your nose. You know they now will preach in chorus that the damage is a necessary sacrifice to save the American Way of Life from the global dark-skinned Commie-Moslem conspiracy.

    • Both the Texas and Oklahoma quakes are occurring in conjunction with significant continental aquifers which is a very dubious relationship. The fracking quake swarms in Oklahoma currently occurring have become stronger of late. Some reaching Magnitude 4+.

      These NEW seismic events have become very common in regions that were previously (pre-2000) quake free.

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