Over 40 Ismaili Shiites shot down by Sunni Extremists in Pakistan

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“Dozens of people are thought to have died after an attack by gunmen on a bus in Karachi. They surrounded the bus, which was carrying Ismaili Shia Muslims, and opened fire. It is believed that there were up to 60 people on board the bus, including women and children.”

Dozens killed in Pakistan bus attack – BBC News

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  1. There was a guest named Shahid Qureshi on BBC World News’ Global program with Matthew Amroliwala, who was from the London Post and spouted nonsense about whose behind such sectarian or terrorist attacks.

    He claimed an Iran-India nexus and the local ethnic political party MQM behind the attacks. Some of the Pakistanis in the majority still are in denial, prejudicial, delusional and hypocritical about whose behind the attacks.

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