The True Cost of America’s Ongoing Wars: Sebastian Junger, Spencer Ackerman et al.

Michael Moynihan, “The Business of Life” | VICE News Video | —

“The AUMF (The “Authorization of the Use of Military Force”) was a bill passed in the immediate wake of 9/11 and authorized the President of the United States to use all “necessary and appropriate force” against those who had aided the terrorists responsible for the attacks. In the nearly 15 years since its passage, the US has found itself involved in a never-ending war on terror, which presents increasingly complex ethical, legal, and strategic challenges.”

To unpack the issue, we’ve enlisted journalist Spencer Ackerman, head of the Service Women’s Action Network and former marine Anu Bhagwati, and Sebastian Junger, the journalist and filmmaker responsible for the award-winning documentary Restrepo.

VICE News, Michael Moynihan: “Millennial Veterans and the Cost of War – The Business of Life (Episode 4)”

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  1. The MIC seems to able to spend TRILLION$ protecting us from a bunch of guys in dusty Toyota pick-up trucks half the planet away.

    How much will it cost in blood and treasure if this country is confronted by an actual military threat?

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