After NBC says “You’re fired!” for bigotry, crybaby Donald Trump brandishes Lawsuit

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“Donald Trump says he may sue NBC after the network announced it’s ending its business relationship with the mogul and presidential candidate over Trump’s remarks about Mexican immigrants.”

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  1. Get that man on the RNC debate stage. Each one of them, please. Trump exemplifies the greater GOP/Con message perfectly: We don’t need no steenken facts.

  2. “The Donald” should try to fit a coonskin cap on that hairpiece and fly down to San Antonio, Texas…The Alamo, where JOHN WAYNE, The Duke went down fightin’. I’m sure The Donald could also find at least 183 Texas Republicans who would make the ultimate sacrifice fightin’ against gay marriage.

    The Republicans make their last stand at the Alamo.

    p.s. The Donald won’t need to bring his own gun.

  3. So Trump is going to sue NBC? How about they countersue over the loss of advertising and therefore profits that his idiotic remarks have caused.

  4. Donald Trump behaves as though he’s taking direction from that squirrel glued to his head.

    Trump will NEVER be elected President and is no where near as entertaining as Senator Ted Cruz who trots out a new psychotic episode every few days.

    But for real GOP presidential candidate entertainment a Huckabee/Christie chicken-fried steak eating contest would be hard to beat.

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