Hillary Clinton kicks off Campaign in NYC: Says Heir to FDR pro-Middle Class Policies (Full video)

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Hillary Clinton kicks off campaign at Roosevelt Island, New York City. Positions self as heir of New Deal, Four Freedoms, middle class prosperity.

Hillary Clinton Rally NYC Hillary Clinton Campaign Launch Rally NYC Roosevelt Island (FULL VIDEO)

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  1. An heir to FDR! Even for Clinton that is an extraordinary farce. She is heir to one thing only: whatever sound bite she thinks will best serve her self-interest at any given moment. Soon she will discover that she is an heir to Saint Helena.

  2. 6/14/2015
    Looks like Hillary Clinton is running for Presidential office. The First women to take office in history should definately make headlines not only across the U.S. but the entire globe. One thing is for sure, she’s payed her dues and if she wins, it’s suiting!

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  3. This is the necessary “hip fake” to the left and the beginning of the “bait” phase of the campaign. The “bait” will be followed by the “switch”. This is the Birch Evans Bayh III and Obama playbook. Always remember that Obama seriously considered Bayh as VP. That told me all I needed to know about Obama.

  4. Incredible!!!!! She has no shame and those who will vote for her have not studied history……she is the 1% which does not care at all about the rest of us, nor about Peace in the world. FDR was a STATEMAN, this woman nor her husband are any close to that. There is so much to say about Democrats and Republicans leaders only concern with Wall Street as almost all of them get richer and richer. My vote Bernie Sanders in CA primary and him if he runs later as an Independent!

  5. About the closest Hillary’s been to the New Deal and FDR is in having claimed to have ‘channeled’ Mrs. Roosevelt early in Bill’s first term. I suspect if one had the opportunity to visit heaven (something Hillary with her record should never be allowed), and one had a chance to ask FDR and his wife, they would say they didn’t know her.

  6. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren give Hillary enough cover so she can pivot to the left and leave the Republicans out in the cold. 2016 is already starting to feel like a landslide with women, people of color and the young getting on the The HillZilla bandwagon. All she needs is a Springsteen theme song. Perhaps Bruce will play at some of her rallies.

    “I was born in the U.S.A.”

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