America’s Homegrown Extremists Twice as Deadly as Muslim Radicals

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“Homegrown groups with no connection to Islam have killed almost twice as many people as Muslim groups, according to a study by New America . The study looked at “terror” attacks that took place after 9/11 – but what else does the data tell us?”

AJ+: “Non-Muslims More Deadly Than Muslims, Says Study ”

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  1. Extreme right-wing h8 groups and their leaders are being protected by local law enforcement and elected officials – which emboldens heinous actions further.

    Today, we have Governors, U.S. Senators and Presidential candidates openly soliciting/accepting money and favor from h8 groups and warped rich persons.

    When publicly exposed, these elected officials (potential and otherwise) feign indignation, do some media arm-waving and move on a short time later to soliciting more money from the “Cookie Jar of H8.”

    Rather than pressing and illuminating this persistent loathsome tendency within our country, corporate-controlled media distracts from the actual issue by focusing on some dumb-azz piece of cloth.

    Appallingly, there is BIG MONEY in promoting hatred and divisiveness at every level in our country as it recedes into time back to the 1920s. The well-financed shift to the extreme far right in these “United States” has overtaken the urgent need to curtail institutionalized stupidity and is sad to witness. Get ready to duck and cover or run.

    This will not end well.

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