Juan Cole & Jocylene Cesari: “Europe’s Muslims after Charlie Hebdo: Challenges and Misconceptions”

David Speedie, Juan Cole & Jocylene Cesari | Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs (Video) | – –

“Months after the “Charlie Hebdo” attacks, questions remain about Europe’s Islamic communities. How strong is the lure of groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS for Islamic youth in France or the UK? Why do so many Muslims, including those born and raised in affluent European states, feel disconnected from their societies? Georgetown’s Jocylene Cesari and University of Michigan’s Juan Cole take a nuanced look at these misunderstood communities.

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs: “Europe’s Muslims: Challenges and Misconceptions”

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  1. Saturday,
    the local Infidels Motorcycle Club is going to have a
    “Protest against Islam and Ramadan (and ISIL) BBQ.”
    Go online for tickets.
    link to krdo.com
    I wonder if my Church, which has a “religious freedom” ministry,
    will hold a counter-protest to assert that Muslims are also covered under the 1st Amendment ?

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