Has ISIL/ Daesh killed 50,000 in one Year? Iraq’s Horrors by the Numbers

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The Human Rights Commission of Iraq, a body attached to the Iraqi parliament, issued statistics on Wednesday for the one-year impact of Daesh (ISIL, ISIS) on that country. Some of the numbers have to be taken with a grain of salt, but others are likely about right. Iraq is a country of about 32 million people, 60% of which are Shiite, 22 percent are Kurdish, and 17 percent are Sunni Arab. Here are those horrifying numbers:

Number of Iraqis displaced from their homes by Daesh in past year: 3 million

Number of Iraqis killed by Daesh in past year: 50,000

Number of Yazidi girls kidnapped and enslaved: 400

Number of “ghost soldiers” allegedly on the rolls in Iraq but actually non-existent: 50,000

Iraqis in need of humanitarian assistance: 80,000

Cost for World Health Organization to take care of food needs of the 3 million displaced right now: 60 million euros

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  1. Thanks much Juan for the sad info.

    But the number of Yazidis kidnapped and enslaved is actually between 5000 and 7000 according to the UN.

    Please see link to telegraph.co.uk

    I don’t read Arabic without the voweling well…can you please check the number…the organization should be told their number is incorrect.


  2. “Militants have banned the used of crayons and colored pens.”

    Hard to imagine anything more inhuman than that.

    Next they’ll ban flowers and rainbows.

  3. Reading book Amsterdam of Russell Shorto between pages 72 and 74: the Duke of Alba was called by Spain’s King to subdue the Dutch. “They fought (the Dutch) on, only to surrender later. Alva hanged everyone of them”. “In the grand place, the central square of Brussels in an enormous public spectacle…the Dutch nobles were beheaded”. “By its end (Alba’s) the Council of Troubles put eighteen thousand Dutch men and women to death”. “But killing via the formal proceedings of the council were only a fraction of the total”. Printed sheets referring to Alba stated “Our Devil, who arts in Brussels, cursed be thy name”. All this because of the Dutch reformation from Calvin to a new religion. My point being that today the killings in the Middle East are nothing new from the history of other forming states inclouding many in Europe and the new world of the Americas. People write and verbalize how can they do all this killing. Well we also did it, including Chile the country of my birth. I’m not condoning nor excusing but the West has continued to exploit the Middle East and other continents non stop and at the same time making huge mistakes resulting in unknown consequences. We, Homo sapiens should be more advanced and stop the killings but no we will not because of reasons to long to write about here. You know greed, oil, resources from others for the rich countries. You name it. As an anecdote from the book The Sixth Extinction we the smart species will not prevail, will we? Others least intelligent will, will they?

  4. This Daesh bunch has a shelf life. All empires eventually dissolve. All religious organizations splinter. Here we have both. Banning crayons is a small example. But it is representative—where power mad people want to micromanage the lives of others—of the inevitable. Stupid rules, arbitrary punishments and cruelty will be challenged by new leaders and new groups. Infighting will ensue. Daesh will implode.

    • If this is true it also fits the USA Empire? We love in different times where adaptation is primordial. Daesh directed by ex Sadam Army can rule for a long time. How long? Who knows. S. Arabia an extreme expression of Islam keeps on going. Its support: oil. When oil ends, who knows. According to some experts who ever dominates Eurasia will have the upper hand. China-Russia’s Confederation and EU might do it. The USA KEEPS ON TRYING BUT IS MISSING THE ECONOMIC BOAT that China is getting into. From S America to Africa China dominates Econ wise

      • All have a shelf life.

        Daesh has a *very short* shelf life, because they are intent on alienating *everyone*.

        Saudi Arabia’s shelf life dies when the age of oil dies.

        Assad’s shelf life expired already.

        Israel’s shelf life dies sometime after Saudi Arabia collapses. At that point all the petrostates (which have weak armies and do not respond to public opinion) will be gone. The regional survivors will have battle-tested armies with cohesion and modern strategy, while Israel will have a bunch of bully boys who don’t know how to fight an actual war. Israel will also be completely economically isolated by then. At that point, one of the Israeli atrocities will be too much for the region and they’ll be removed.

        China’s empire’s future is looking quite bright at the moment. It has had some very smart people running it. They seem to have been replaced by idiots recently, but it’ll take a while for that to destroy them.

        The US has had nothing but idiots in power for 35 years; our shelf life is starting to be numbered. However, an empire as big and rich as this one takes a long time to collapse.

  5. And don’t forget the 100 million murdered by the Germans,Russians and Chinese and in Asia just this last 90 years….there is no low that mankind has not stooped to…very sad indeed

  6. Looks to me like this Commission was chartered in 2008,
    but nothing happened until the UN got involved in December, 2014:

    link to reliefweb.int

    I hope they look at human rights violations 2003 – 2011 under foreign occupation.
    I personally know of an initiative to conduct this research in 2006, that was squelched by Secretary of State Rice.

    The truth shall set you free.

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