Her War: Kurdish Women Commandos take on ISIL/ Daesh in Syria

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“In the face of the deadly threat posed by the so-called Islamic State, many Kurdish women decide not to leave their survival to fate. Instead, they fight for their lives and their future. Taking up arms, they join the YPG – Kurdish People’s Protection Units that defend their town’s borders from the militants. The enemy fears female warriors. Jihadists believe if they are killed by a woman they will go straight to hell.”

RT: “Her War: Women vs. ISIS (RT Documentary) ”

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  1. AbdiRahman.San

    When Turkey and other countries suggested to the West ‘ no-fly zone’ for millions of Syrian refugees inside Syria they rejected!

  2. DAESH is a ghol made of hay and the population of the fertile crescent is capable of defeating it and turning it into a closed ugly chapter of the history of the region.

    In the meanwhile what should the US do? Nothing! the Yemeni proverb says: “Oh you hornet! Do not sting me and keep your honey to yourself”

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