Iraqi Army, Shiite Militias Retake area west of Ramadi from ISIL/ Daesh

Press TV | (Video) —

Reports coming out of Iraq suggest that government forces have managed to recapture a 5-kilometer area in the west of the flashpoint city. The latest advances follow fierce battles with the Takfiri terrorists. Dozens of terrorists have already been killed in the confrontation. Iraqi volunteer forces are advancing on Ramadi from three directions as part of a massive operation to clear the city of the terrorists. Ramadi fell to the ISIL group earlier this month.

The retaking of Morur, an area located at the heart a densely populated region, could reinforce the position of the Iraqi forces in their ongoing offensive against ISIL in Ramadi, the capital of the western Anbar Province, parts of which are under the control of the Takfiri group.

According to sources, the Iraqi forces are planning to deploy heavy weaponry in the area as it gives them a more robust control over the positions of ISIL terrorists in the outskirts of Ramadi.

The allied forces have also recaptured the Anbar traffic police building in an area called Khamsa Kilometer near Ramadi. An army officer said ISIL terrorists were forced to withdraw from the building after a fierce fighting.

“The security forces today are tightening their stranglehold on Ramadi, from the traffic police building to the west, from the university to the south and from the other sides, too,” Anbar police chief Hadi Rzayej said.

The official added that explosive ordnance disposal teams were busy clearing the roads from bombs and checking buildings for potential booby traps.”

Press TV News: ” Iraqi troops retake key district near Ramadi”

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  1. By now the Iranians and the informed comment advisers must have surely learned that ISIL is provoking attempts to retake territories. After each attempt there is not only attrition but also more ungovernable land. Nothing to celebrate here. This taking and retaking will continue in Baghdad also and each step will be irresistible to both sides.

    • He Shia Muslims of Iraq are 65% of the people. The equivalent of a pope in Shia Islam, Ayatollah Sistani, who is more followed than any ayatollah of Iran, has declared Jihad & that all able bodied males are dutibound to take up arms & rid Iraq of ISIS. They can’t lose. It might take some time, but eventually they’ll win. But the surrounding nations of Saudi Arabia, Jordan & Turkey facilitates the travel across the border of salafi jihadis & the Americans are also supporting salafi jihadis in Syria. The salafi jihadis goal is to exterminate all shi’ites & don’t care about borders so it’s an existential battle for the Iraqi nation that’s been oppressed for millennia by the very same groups when in power.

  2. By now, one would think there would be some informed reporting about the tribal uprising, especially since the Dulaimis were the largest tribe to oppose the US occupation. Everything is now being grouped under the ISIS/ISIL umbrella.

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