Young Middle East Millennials’ Digital Split From Fundamentalism (Cole Interview)

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“Millennials in the Middle East are forming a clear generational gap between themselves and their elders, with the digital revolution effecting a sweeping advance of secularization. With majority populations under the age of 30, many countries are seeing a wide gulf between their social media savvy young people, and the more religious and ‘disconnected’ older guard. We discuss the changing face of Middle Eastern societies with author Juan Cole in this Lip News interview highlight, hosted by Elliot Hill.”

TheLipTV: “Middle East Millennials Digital Split From Fundamentalism”

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  1. So future cultural historians might look back on our era and debate its most alarming feature: the explosion of reactionary religious fundamentalism in two places, the Middle East and the white United States. What did those places have in common? The language of extremists in both lands is full of grievance, birthrights, hatred of women’s rights. Certainly a fear by the old of the young.

    Yet in the US experience it always seems that the minority of young who support reactionary fundamentalism inexorably grow into something bigger. That minority knows it, too; it’s willing to curtail the voting rights and voices of other young people to protect that damn birthright that they expect to inherit when the old haters croak. It may even be the portion of the American right that is willing to take up arms and butcher gays and minorities while the elders cheer from their keyboards.

    But then, ISIS came along and we are seeing it worldwide. It does no good for a majority of the young to be progressives when the minority is willing to kill to defend patriarchy and seniority.

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