United Tells Muslim Woman Passenger ‘No Soda For Terrorists’

Jose Marcelino Ortiz and Nik Zecevic | (TheLipTV Video) | —

“United Airlines discriminated against Muslim passenger Tahera Ahmad following a request she made for an unopened can of Diet Coke during her flight from Chicago to Washington on Friday. According to Ahmad, an attendant denied her the soda claiming it could be used “as a weapon” before serving an unopened can of beer to another passenger. We look at the story on the Lip News with Jose Marcelino Ortiz and Nik Zecevic.”

TheLipTV: “United Tells Muslim Woman ‘No Soda For Terrorists'”

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  1. If United actually cared about discrimination against Muslims, there are several simple actions they could take:

    – Tell their partner (it was a contracted flight) to fire the flight attendant for demonstrated racial prejudice.

    – Find out the name of the passenger that verbally assaulted the woman and delete their United Frequent Flyer account (United can legally do this for any reason they want).

    – United should notify the man that did the assaulting that United will no longer carry him as a passenger, but United should not submit the name to the TSA. That way United no longer has to deal with him, but he could still fly. Of course, given all the date sharing that goes on, the man could end up on the TSA security risk list anyway even if United does nothing. Once he gets on the TSA list, he will be subject to serious delays at every airport. And this will increase now that TSA has been publicly shown to be terrible at its job.

    – United should publicly state that the woman was clearly discriminated against by both the flight attendant and the other passenger, highlighting the BAD behavior.

    As to what United will actually do; United will try to ignore this as much as possible because it is OK in USA society to discriminate against Muslims.

    • I certainly hope thats the case. It is entirely credible that the airline was unaware of the incident until after it was reported. It clearly underscores the need for cultural sensitivity training (or whatever) for crew members. At the very least, the could have simply refused any passengers unopened can’s claiming they are for immediate consumption, not takehome perks.

    • They have *nowhere* apologized for discriminatory treatment towards Ms Ahmad – where they refused to give her an unopened soda can, but gave her neighbour a beer can; and they have *nowhere* apologized for their attendant’s claim that “you could use it as a weapon”.

      Neither have they identified or reprimanded the racist co-passenger – the one who shouted “you Muslim, shut the f**k up” etc etc.

      United is trying to shove this under the carpet by making claims of “misunderstanding” and vague claims of “apologies”. They used “officialease” like “not delivering the service our customers expect”.

      I mean, where was the misunderstanding ? It was simply racist blather from the attendant.

      • Apparently, the Northwestern University president feels the same way as I do :

        link to chicagotribune.com

        “Indeed, Schapiro said the airline’s apologies have not gone far enough.

        “While that is a first step, it should not be the last,” he said. “Chaplain Ahmad should receive a more formal apology from United, along with assurances that United will train its staff so that she, and others, are never again subjected to such discrimination on a United flight.”

    • “Honey, I can’t give you an unopened can of soda, but I’ll be glad to pour it in a glass if you pay me $50 first.”

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