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  1. Wicked Clever

    I adore the bold effectiveness of this message! The shock value=my amazement and anger that women still earn so much less than men

  2. Dear People,
    Your new format has shortened your news stories too much. At the very least you should tell us where to get more information about subjects where your “more information” consists o a single sentence and the subject isn’t even mentioned by the LA Times.

  3. waiting to read about a similar slut walk in Ramallah

    Real Soon Now, eh?

    • SlutWalks have nothing to do with sexual liberation, are counterproductive, and in my opinion, mildly racist.

      We do not need more SlutWalks.

  4. That is why we need Israel in the Mideast. No rest for any one until women can walk free wherever and whenever and how they like and not how their fathers and brothers like.

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