Israel’s Ultranationalist Squatters March in Jerusalem, beat Palestinian Journalist

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“Bussed in from nearby settlements, Israel’s ultranationalist right were defiant at a rally for Jerusalem day this year.

Hardline views have become more influential than ever in Israel – with both Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the wider public.

Inigo Gilmore went to meet the settlers.”

Channel 4 News: “Israel’s ultranationalist right: settlers on the march”

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  1. It has been a great decade for the Zionists. Netanyahu won!. Obama’s dismal failure in peace talks is the end of America’s chance to help to settle the conflict. Obama’s broken presidency is finished insofar as any ability to try anything further. Moreover, the political season is heating up in America for the 2016 elections; posturing for money and votes puts the issue off until 2017. By then, Jerusalem will be the capital of Israel, and America will have its embassy there.

    • sad that you can’t see anything as other than Obama’s fault; you are in for a lifetime of disappointment

      • I did not say that everything is Obama’s fault. I am disappointed with the Obama presidency, but not because he is blameworthy for everything. I think Obama should have tried to have a summit directly with Bibi and Abbas—instead of John Kerry—because Kerry got dissed. Bibi stepped up settlements right in the middle of negotiations. Bibi invades Gaza right in the middle of the negotiations. I don’t know if anyone could have accomplished anything with Bibi. Bottom line is that Bibi gave up nothing and gets reelected. Obama is a lame duck with a Republican congress. Settling the Israel problem is so important to America’s future. Bibi won and Obama lost. There will not be another chance to negotiate a settlement untul after 2016. By then there will be another 50,000 Israelies in the west bank and Jerusalem.
        I am just forlorn that there is no way out of the occupational madness by Israel—and essentially America backs Israel to the hilt.

    • Your kind of thinking makes me and many others ashamed.

      • My kind of thinking is that I am extremely pessimistic that Israel can be stopped in its grab on Jerusalem, the West Bank, Golan Hgts, and essentially Gaza. My kind of thinking is that the U.S. will continue to back Israel, and will continue to give the Green light for Israel to keep grabbing in the middle east. I hope I am wrong. Show me, so that my kind of thinking no longer brings shame to you and others.

  2. Sarah T. Roberts

    Must-see primer for those who wants to know what the “settlements” mean: violence and encroachment on Palestinian communities.

  3. Only an idiot will believe that he is “God’s chosen.” If that were true, all the rest of humanity are second class creations.

    Israel’s own history condemns their claim to Palestine.

    Exodus 15:14; “The people shall hear, and be afraid: sorrow shall take hold on the inhabitants of Palestina”, meaning Palestine – the Palestinians were there first.

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