Celebrating Bernie Sanders via Stand-Up: He doesn’t Give a —

Francesca Fiorentini | (AJ+ Video) – –

“Whether in a speech or an interview, 2016 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has little patience for politicking. This grandpa socialist can’t be bought, for better or for worse.”

AJ+: “Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Give A F***”

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  1. Wow! This is the best AJ+ can do? The “reporter” comes off as an asshole without a clue. You’re not exactly Jon Stewart replacement material, honey, but FOX may have a place for you…

    • Yeah, this is kind of painful to watch. Hammer and sickle on the train… right. She does come off like a jerk, and the jokes she tries to make fall pretty flat. I think one of the reasons that Bernie is hard to mock is that all of his speeches and policies are about directly helping the middle class and poor, so any mockery of him comes off as “punching down”. It’s really hard to be funny when you punch down.

  2. This is a man who not only expresses unqualified support for the policies of the Israeli government, he defended the brutal, illegal invasion of gaza. We don’t need another Israeli owned president.
    Jill stein is the only candidate who is not in israel’s pocket. Vote green in sixteen!

    • Unqualified support? Why did he boycott the Netanyahu appearance then? Why did he try inspiring some other Senators to do the same? Or am I falling for atmospherics?

      By the way, Green is one group I will never vote for. Not after Nader Versus Gore and esPECially not after McGaw versus Wellstone.

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