Is this how the Establishment takes down Outsiders like Bernie Sanders?

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“Thom Hartmann shares about media coverage of a new Quinnipiac poll, but the coverage leaves out some important information. Why? because Bernie is an outsider.”

Thom Hartmann: “This Is How the Establishment Takes Down the Outsiders like Bernie Sanders…”

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  1. John

    Mehh, the issue is how can Bernie and his supporters get 10-15% of NON voters to vote for him n 2016? #FeeltheBern #edshow

  2. So where does Bernie stand on the F35?
    He avoided answering this question.

    • So long as each of us keeps waiting for the one person who agrees with us on every issue that matters to us, the rest of the world will continue to elect Bushes, Clintons, Obamas, Trumps, . . .

      • It’s a good question. Bernie can’t increase funding to infrastructure, education, etc., without planning yearly deep cuts to “defense” budget & transferring funds and jobs. Other politicians need to address this also.

  3. Hector, thank you. I wrote an article commenting on the American left’s tendency to prefer fantasizing about ideal cultural figures running for president, as opposed to actual political work like talking to random citizens and running candidates for city councils and state legislatures, being one of our greatest faults (and making many other points as well). I wrote it in 2010, and so little had changed in American political fundamentals that I was able to update it for 2015-16 with very little work.

    I don’t consider Bernie to be a cultural icon for many people, maybe some New England political activists, however if people stick with him this could become a wave, and Bernie is saying all the right things to help us find our true potential as an American political movement. Out here in the big cities of the left coast, it’s beginning to feel like the thousands of faces of “progressive” are the overwhelming dynamic of the population base.

    • One thing which would help him is refusal to let the malevolent types get away with labeling him a socialist and thus some mild version of a Marxist.

      Bernie is a Social Democrat of the Scandinavian persuasion. That’s not socialism which is a universe and hundred million dead apart from it.

  4. Thom Hartmann might have seen glaring examples of this on MSNBC as Chris Matthews regularly trivialized Sanders, and about a week ago Steve Kornacki not only marginalized but ridiculed Sanders. The bipolar mind-sets of MSNBC capture well the establishment and wanna be mind set vs the critical views of Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes (with others mired along the spectrum.

    • They are bright but awfully young and inexperienced. I’m sure they think he is not electable. They may be correct about that as the entire country has moved right over a few decades now. The dynastic candidate had better not make many more mistakes. She has already lost her chance at a coronation.

      A few more stumbles by the dynastic candidate

  5. The power of the MSM to ignore/trivialize a candidate is unassailable. Even Jon Stewart ignores him preferring instead to get the cheap laughs from Trump, who is there just to serve that very purpose. The American public yearns constantly to be entertained, not educated.

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