Turkish Gov’t Worries about Kurdish, Leftist Mobilization after Bombing, briefly bans Twitter

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“In Turkey authorities have blocked access to Twitter in a bid to prevent the broadcast of images of the suicide bomb attack in the border town of Suruc. A state run news agency also said the ban on social media was put in place to stop anti government protests following the bombing. In the last hour details of the bomber have also emerged.”

Update: The Twitter ban was dropped late Wednesday.

Turkey blocks Twitter to stop images of Suruc bomb attack being broadcasted – BBC News

Text added by Juan Cole:

“The following is a selection of quotes from editorials and commentaries published in 22 Jul 2015 editions of Turkish newspapers available to BBC Monitoring:

Milliyet (centrist): “If the bombs that went off in Reyhanli [2013], Diyarbakir [2015] and finally in Suruc were because of an intelligence gap, the situation is bad enough… What is worse is the probability of the cooperation of some establishments inside the state [with terrorists], as was the case in the 1990s. Unfortunately, the thesis that `Turkey will be turned into a Pakistan’ has become true. It is now too late to retreat from the wrong policies on Syria. No-one is secure anywhere.” (Commentary by Mehves Evin)

www.milliyet.com.tr/suruc-katliami-sav as-artik-her/gundem/ydetay/2090802/default.htm

Cumhuriyet (secular, Kemalist) “The Suruc massacre has strengthened the efforts of those who are trying to turn Turkey into a part of the Middle East. Turkey, which had to live with terror for years, was a country where there were no suicide attacks… In the Middle East, all scenarios are put next to each other and the worst one becomes true. Unfortunately, we too are being dragged into such a quagmire.” (Commentary by Mustafa Balbay)

www.cumhuriyet.com.tr/koseyazisi/327 017/Suruc_tan_Ortadogu_ya_suruklenis_.html

Yeni Safak (moderate, pro-Islamic, pro-government) “The bomb that exploded in Suruc did not target the PYD [pro-Kurdish Democratic Union Party in Syria] and the Kurds because of Kobane. This incident inside Turkey – I guess – shows that ISIS [Islamic State group IS, or ISIL] is uncomfortable with Turkey’s Rojava-Kobani policy. It is also a reaction to/threat against the recent intense anti-ISIS security measures [by Turkish security forces]. That is to say, ISIS has not only taken revenge from the Kurds because of Kobani, it has also intimidated Turkey.” (Commentary by Ozlem Albayrak)

www.yenisafak.com/yazarlar/ozlemal bayrak/demirtasin-baglamalari-2018224

Vatan (centrist) “The attack has created hatred and led to repercussions in the country and the world. The government and parliament have the duty to make the right decisions with determination and strive to prevent such incidents from now on. Their [attackers’] aim is to throw Turkey into a chaotic atmosphere, similar to the one in Syria.” (Commentary by Gungor Mengi)

www.gazetevatan.com/gungor-mengi-8283 81-yazar-yazisi-terore-dogru-teshis-sart-/

T24 (independent, internet newspaper) “Today, Turkey is at a very critical junction. It will either fall into a `hellhole’` or find the `reasonable path’ and achieve `stability’. Today, the reasonable path is an AKP-CHP [opposition Republican People’s Party] coalition government. An early election is an insanity that will turn Turkey into a sea of blood… If we are reasonable enough, I think and hope that the necessary lessons will be learned from the `Suruc massacre’.” (Commentary by Hasan Cemal)

t24.com.tr/yazarlar/hasan-cemal/erken -secim-kan-golu-demektir,12355

Bugun (centrist, pro-Gulen) “There is no need to say much. The one that is politically responsible for the Suruc massacre is the government. Obviously, there is a security gap… After the Suruc massacre, some people [in the government] must take responsibility and resign.” (Commentary by Nazli Ilicak)

www.bugun.com.tr/katliama-giden-kilo metre-taslari-yazisi-1747498″