Video: Israeli Officer shoots protesting Palestinian Teen, Leaves him to Bleed Out

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“17-year-old Mohammed al-Kusbah was killed by an Israeli officer after throwing a rock at a military SUV. The officer claimed his life was in danger, but a video has now been released that appears to dispute that.”

AJ+ | “Video Shows Palestinian Teen Killed By Israeli Officer”

2 Responses

  1. I think that a public identification of this soldier and a purely social boycott and protests against him by the BDS in Western Europe and the United States would be a sound response to this atrocity.

    • I think pointing out the similarity between what white Americans allow their police to justify and what Israelis allow their police to justify might get us thinking about where our two countries are going together. The collective branding of an entire disadvantaged race as a threat – to be followed by a call for a final solution?

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