Bernie Sanders launches “Political Revolution” w/ 100K Virtual House Partiers

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment)

Bernie Sanders spoke from a house party in Washington, D.C., to supporters gathering in 3500 homes and other locations around the country in groups ranging from 7-8 to 80 or 90. He said it was a “historical night” and unprecedented to have these coordinated gatherings with an on-line streamed address so early in a campaign (in fact, it seems to me a little science-fictional– has this ever been done before?)

Sanders blasted the rich for getting richer while the US has more children living in poverty than any other OECD country, blasted corporations for evading taxes, insisted that it is “wrong that people are working 40 and 50 hours a week and still living in poverty.” He slammed 35% unemployment and underemployment rates among workers with a high school education or less. He criticized unaffordable tuition and unbearable student debt.

He blasted the treatment of African-Americans and “institutional racism,” instancing the Sandra Bland case.

He argued for a new campaign finance system and pledged to overturn Citizens United.

Having been inclusive of African-Americans, he reached out to Latinos by promising to fight for a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

He argued for an expansion of medicaid to everyone on a single payer basis.

He said that the only way to combat the dominance of American politics by a handful of billionaires was with a grassroots campaign of millions and millions of people, which he calls a “political revolution.”

Now for media: tweets (first) and then videos, below:

A Latino diarist at Daily Kos wrote:

Due to recent tone deaf statements that marginalize Sanders’ existing minority support, I felt compelled to post this article and say a few words about my support as a Latino for Bernie Sanders and why I do not support Hillary Clinton.

I am proud to support a candidate who actually took the time to visit the fields and see first hand how migrant workers were being horribly mistreated and then spoke up for them. I am proud to support a candidate who traveled to Nicaragua to take a stand against U.S. imperialism under Reagan. Actions speak louder than words. I am proud to support a candidate who rightfully says the war on drugs has been a failure. I am proud to support a candidate who believes healthcare is a right, especially since this issue affects minorities in such a disproportionate way.

 I am proud to support a candidate who doesn’t need to be dishonest about their immigrant heritage to pander or flip flop and refuse to take a stand until it’s politically expedient. . .

 I stand with Bernie Sanders because he stands with us.

Video of Sen. Sanders speaking via live streaming to 100,000: (Note, video starts 2 minutes in.):

Bernie2016 “Bernie 2016 Organizing Kickoff ”


USA Today report on sights and sounds of the 100,000 strong house party:

USA Today: “Sights and sounds from Bernie Sanders’ house party”

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  1. My evening was spent trying to make sure I got to the hospital to visit a dear relative going through a crisis, and as I said to them, “I’m the eternal optimist, I spent 30 years falling asleep thinking about ways that inspired activism in my current situation could lead to me to the Presidency. Well I finally gave it up, and then along come Obama and now Bernie to follow that kind of path and actually fight for some things I’d be fighting for, so yeah, it’s like it worked. ”

    Feel the Bern!

  2. While I applaud his domestic agenda, I need more information on his foreign policy positions. Can anyone clarify what Bernie’s positions are [other than being opposed to further wars], on the Middle East, Africa, China, etc; Will he support the Iran “deal”?

    • There will be no money for anything good until the military budget is cut. Which is exactly why right-wing voters ultimately all fall into line with the war machine. They want trillions to be spent on war so that not one penny will be available to redistribute to “inferior” Americans.

      If Sanders is willing to talk specifics about what missions the military must jettison, then we can start talking about major cuts. This, however, is where right-wingers rally in collective outrage, while everyone else tears each other down arguing about what should be cut first.

      • I don’t disagree at all that huge cuts in the ridiculously bloated national defense sector
        are an essential, although I wouldn’t necessarily volunteer to make it a first term campaign
        priority, politics being what they are. Should it arise in the 2016 campaign though, Bernie
        is the guy to take it on.

  3. Let’s see. We can do that whole Clinton/Bush thingy one more time, wave our little American flags and pretend we have a true democracy, or we can move on from that corrupt mentality that has really destroyed this country from the inside. Unfortunately, we know how the elections are probably going to end, but we better expect a bitter end and it’s gonna be painful. Bernie is getting my grassroots vote because grassroots is for the people and by the people.

  4. This is how to begin a movement from the people. Those who met and organized last night can last past the election to make changes locally, statewide and on the federal level. It is the only way to counter the effects of the billionaires and wealthy few who own and run U$INC.

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