New Poll: Bernie Sanders Leads All Republican Front Runners including Trump

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Bernie Sanders, who doesn’t play to the cheap seats, is racking up incredible poll numbers. Zaid Jilani at Alternet reports on a just-out CNN poll:

BUSH: 47%


TRUMP: 38%
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Thom Harmann: ” New Poll: Bernie Sanders Leads All Republican Front Runners…”

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  1. In a new CNN/opinion poll just released Sunday shows Hillary Clinton doing the exact same thing. So what’s your point.

    • I’m guessing the point is, you know it’s bad when the guy who is scoring 20 points behind Hilary is still higher in the polls than the best Republican candidate, so the Republicans better step up their game and get someone a little less crazy into the ring soon.

    • The point is that for years the vast majority of the media and pundits, including Nate Silver’s reputably infallible 538 blog, has been proclaiming that Hillary’s nomination is a foregone conclusion; as well as that a self proclaimed democratic socialist couldn’t have a snowball’s chance in heck at becoming president, and these poll results starkly fly in the face of those assessments.

      The reality is that Bernie has regularly turned out massive crowds at campaign stops and is gradually but consistently increasing in the polls every week. His campaign is breaking all the pundit’s models of what should be happening.

      • I remember when it was Howard Dean doing this, and I was cheering for him. The oligarchy laid many traps in his path, and it never even broke a sweat.

        Now those traps only work if we choose to buy their underlying premises. Maybe something has changed. Maybe people have gotten to the point where they want to wreck everything as the only way to remove the civilized barriers between themselves and the necks of their enemies. Maybe the time has come for us to stop using the other side’s leaders as supervillains and admit that we are as divided a people as in 1860, that in truth we hate each other and their vision of America.

  2. There is no more right winger then myself….BUT….Bernie being elected president would save America from the corporate monsters that are sending all the jobs they can overseas, not to mention their foreign tax dodges……go Bernie …

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