George W. Bush Started War, then Charged $100,000 to Help US Veterans Charity

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““It’s not right,” says wounded Marine hero.”

ABC News: “George W. Bush Charged $100,000 to Help US Veterans Charity”

Estimates of US troops wounded in Bush’s illegal war of aggression range from 32,000 to 100,000

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  1. For once, I am at a loss for words to describe my outrage at this traversity by ex-President George W Bush. This man lied to the American people and the world to initiate a war that still continues and brought nothing but death and devastation to Iraq and Afghanistan. He brought death to thousands of U.S and allied troops, tens of thousands of wounded, many seriously, dislocation to millions of Iraqis and Afghanistan’s and a failed state on the verge of collapse. Wait, let us not forget he costs us, the American Taxpayer and our progeny over 3 Trillion dollars, yes with a “T”.
    And for this he charges hugh sums to speak to these men and women? The man is a war criminal who should be tried in the World Court not given money to speak.

  2. T.G. Emerson

    his wife @laurawbush charged $50k for speaking to the same group. And they charged 20k for a private charter to appear. W = EVIL

  3. Completely unsurprising from this most thoughtless and incurious man.

  4. The shrub is praying for Jeb to get “his turn” so he won’t be getting a higher priority on the docket along with Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Libby, Addington, Yoo, Rice and others – including those in the psychiatric profession who enabled this foul tribe in their most odious of unAmerican activities.

    Good Texas-based attorneys will cost him a ton hence the groveling for speaking fees.

  5. So Bush is a jerk for asking for and getting the $100,000. I can’t imagine what he has to say that’s worth $5. The problem seems to me to be with with the charity. Why in hell would they give him that much for a speech and not tell him instead to go pound sand? Iraqi and Afghan sand at that.

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