Egypt’s Draconian new anti-Terrorism Law threatens freedom of speech, Democracy

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“Egypt launched airstrikes on Islamist militant targets in the Sinai peninsula killing 23 fighters, the offensive comes a day after deadly clashes in the region.”

On Wednesday, the cabinet approved a new anti-terrorism law which it claims will act as a deterrent but political expert Bashir Abdl Alfatah told euronews:

“The criticism of this law is that it might adversely affect freedom of expression and human rights in Egypt…

Euronews: “Egypt cabinet approves anti-terror law amid deadly fighting in Sinai”

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  1. Threatens democracy? I’ts a military coup, there is no democracy. Freedom of speech there gets you executed. All Morsi had to do was offer to open the border with Palestine and that was it for him. Democracy in Egypt was a step too far for Israel and the US.

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