Amnesty Visualizes Israeli War Crimes on anniversary of Gaza Black Friday

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“A joint study by Amnesty International and Forensic Architecture reconstructs Israel’s four-day bombardment of the city of Rafah in Gaza.”

AJ+ “Amnesty Report Visualizes Israel’s War Crimes”

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  1. In 1945, the US exploded the nuclear bomb, known as ‘Fat Man’ over Nagasaki. Fat Man had a blast yield of 21 kilotons of TNT equivalent explosive potential.
    Israel exploded the equivalent amount of explosive power over Gaza this past summer.
    Rashid Khalidi says in his essay, “The Dahiya Doctrine”: “During the latest campaign, stretching over fifty days in July and August of 2014, Israel’s air force launched more than six thousands air attacks, and its army and navy fired about fifty thousand artillery and tank shells. Together, they utilized what has been estimated as a total of twenty one kilotons, or twenty one thousand tons, of high explosives. The attack from air involved weapons ranging from drones and American Apache helicopters firing US-made Hellfire missiles to American F-16’s carrying two thousand pound bombs. According to the commander of the Israeli Air Force, there were several hundred F-16 attacks on targets in Gaza, most of them using these powerful munitions. A two thousand pound bomb creates a crater 15 meters wide by 11 meters deep and propels lethal fragments to a radius of 365 meters. One or two of these can destroy a multistory building …

  2. If Wiliam James Martin is correct and the total explosives aimed at Gaza added up to an atomic bomb, then this proves beyond any doubt that the Israeli forces targeted their firepower carefully at targets of war, and they were not aiming to wantonly kill civilians. The disparity in civilian deaths between Nagasaki and Gaza reveals that claims that Israeli forces intended to maximize civilian casualties are a lie.

  3. you clearly missed the point M, he said the explosive power of those 6000 airstrikes was the same as that of a nuclear bomb. Furthermore it is a sad day when killing civilians is acceptable as long as it is not as many as those who died in Nagasaki a very sad day for humanity.

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