Syria: Daesh/ ISIL Kills aged Archeologist who refused to reveal hidden Palmyra Antiquities

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“ISIS beheaded 82-year-old Khaled Al-Asaad on August 18, 2015, in the 2,000-year-old city he spent his life restoring. Syria’s most prominent antiquities scholar is the latest victim of the Islamic State group’s war on history.”

AJ+: “ISIS Kills 82-Year-Old Scholar In Ancient City Of Palmyra He Helped Restore”

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  1. subirgrewal

    Robert Heinlein may have stumbled upon the right form of justice for the ISIS rapists in “The moon is a harsh mistress”.

  2. Archaeology is one of the most benign sciences. It never killed anyone, that I know of, unless you believe the Tut stories. Archaeologist are romantic folks dreaming of the past. A statue of him on the site would be most fitting.

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