If Germany can get 27% of its Energy from Wind/Solar, why can’t US?

Germany Trade & Invest | (Short Video Documentary) | – –

“Germany Trade & Invest presents its short film about Germany‚Äôs Renewable Energy Revolution, the so called Energiewende (energy transition).

Voices from science, industry, and politics outline the achievements made so far, next steps, and the opportunities the energy transition offers.

Germany Trade & Invest: “Germany’s Renewable Energy Revolution”

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    • as I understand the linked story,
      for one instant,
      one one particular day,
      renewables provided 78% of the demand at that instant.

      If it was windy in the South Baltic,
      where Germany is building extensive wind farms,
      and it was a comfortable Sunday evening as people slept,
      without air conditioning,

      that’s a very different situation from
      renewables furnishing 78% of the nation’s demand for electricity for an entire day.

  1. only criticism,
    I would have preferred that the narrator and translator were German.
    as a former US Army German linguist,
    I love that accent when Germans speak Englisch.
    readers should know that the German government made huge investments to lead this transition.
    The video doesn’t make any mention of that.

  2. The USA has a very poor energy future due primarily to lack of political will. That is, a very ignorant population coupled with an extremely corrupt government.

    There are no technical reasons to stop or limit the USA from getting 100% of its energy from renewable sources, all the problems are caused by social/cultural reluctance.

    One of the things that could be done by the government would be to use tax policy to make carbon-based energy extremely expensive and non-profitable. For example, tax oil, gas and coal companies at 105% of their profit and use the oil, gas and coal taxes to heavily subsidize other forms of energy infrastructure. Due to the corruption in the USA where large companies can control the governing structure, this will not happen.

    Note that there is already lots of PROVEN, USABLE technology to get energy from non-carbon based sources, but to use it, the energy infrastructure in the USA will need to be almost completely rebuilt, which requires investment.

    Investments, Americans are unwilling to make for several cultural reason:

    – fear of “socialism”

    – Lack of ability to plan for the future. Americans have historically never done anything until it is a “pants on fire” emergency.

    – Unwillingness to heavily regulate business.

    – Unwillingness to have national policies, especially when those nationals policies hurt some regions of the USA. Instead of treating the USA as a whole, it is treated like a loose collection of individual fiefdoms.

    Since the problems are cultural not technical, and Americans are terrible at understanding how badly they screw themselves, change is highly unlikely.

    Americans have extremely misplaced priorities. Instead of basing voting decisions on important things like the energy future of the country and whether there will even be food and water in the future as climate changes dries up the earth, Americans fight about meaningless things like abortion and homosexual humans.

  3. As spyguy points out, the main problem is political will. Here in California we are getting close to that 27%; it’s only a matter of time. Near where I live in Riverside County, California, large corporations are building huge warehouses for storing goods coming from the ports of Long Beach and LA prior to transshipment. These warehouses go up to 1 million square feet. I don’t know why the government doesn’t make approval of these projects contingent on them putting solar on their roofs. Solar and wind are now cost competitive with some small subsidies and the cost of solar keeps dropping. Certainly most of the West could be powered by solar.

  4. Answer: BIG OIL, BIG COAL, BIG GAS!
    Thank you Koch Brothers. Of course they are only doing what they feel is best for their business. Thank you SCOTUS for ‘Citizens United’.

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