Huckabee’s virtual Genocide: erases Palestinians from West Bank, declares it “Israel”

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US presidential contender Mike Huckabee said during a visit to Jerusalem, on Wednesday, that he did not consider the West Bank occupied by Israel.

The Republican and Baptist minister, a regular visitor to Israel, attended a fundraiser for his campaign on Tuesday at an illegal Jewish settlement in the occupied Palestinian territory, according to AFP.

Israeli settlements in the West Bank are viewed as illegal under international law and are major stumbling blocks in peace efforts as they prevent a contiguous Palestinian state.

Huckabee said he had no qualms about holding the fundraiser at Shiloh in the West Bank, which Israel seized in the 1967 Six-Day War in a move never recognized by the international community.

The ex-governor of the southern state of Arkansas who has also hosted a Fox News channel program said he considered the Palestinian territory part of Israel.

“I don’t see it as occupied,” Huckabee told journalists. “That makes it appear as if someone is illegally taking land. I don’t see it that way.”

He referred to the West Bank as Judaea and Samaria, the Biblical kingdoms which Israel also invokes to refer to the territory.

Such history gave the so-called “Jewish state” a strong connection to the land, Huckabee argued. Asked about what his plan would be for Palestinians living in the West Bank, he said it would have to be negotiated between the two sides.

Around 2.8 million Palestinians live in the occupied West Bank along with some 380,000 Israeli settlers. The figures do not include Israeli-annexed East Jerusalem.

Huckabee also said he did not regret his comments warning that President Barack Obama was marching the Israelis to the “door of the oven” with the July 14 nuclear deal struck by Iran and world powers.

“There’s nothing in any of the comments that I’ve made that I feel to be inaccurate or inflammatory,” he said. “I think that they were exactly on target.”

Huckabee met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his visit.

Israel has occupied the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Syrian Golan Heights since 1967, in violation of international law.



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  1. Mr Huckabee. Would you advocate the same theory to the same theory to the Native American whose lands you have ignominiously occupied after committing the worst holocaust in human history. You and your likes should if you have any sense of human decency still left go back to where you came from. Britain probably or any other part of western Europe you can’t have one law for one people and another law for another. According to you there is no such thing as Palestine . well according to the Native American you do not belong to America either. As for ‘Jews marching to the oven’ comment when are we going to stop using and industrializing the holocaust history. Don’t you think its getting a bit boring? Study your own history of holocaust first.

  2. Actually Huckabee is right, what Israel is doing in the West Bank is not occupation but colonization and the relationship between the colonists and the indigenes is no worse than could be expected.

    • The problem is, international law forbids colonization of inhabited lands. If Huckabee is forced to explain his position, does he say that Israel (& America) have a special, Hobby Lobby-esque license from God to conquest that no one else gets to exploit, or does he say that international law is generally null and void and any country can do whatever it can get away with?

      In fact, why doesn’t the media ask all Zionists to make that exact same choice?

  3. When the primary candidate out of the Neo-theocracy Wing of the Gross Oligarchy Party (GOP) trots overseas and pretends to sound as though he possesses some measure of U.S. foreign policy decision- making, Huckabee merely enlarges the embarrassing mockery in American politics the knuckle-dragging fringe the evangelical far-right exemplifies.

    Reverend Huckabee openly displays himself as a lawless, pandering, noisy, chicken-fried maladroit unfit to lead a congregation much less our country.

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