Louisiana Muslim-Haters call 911 in Panic over Hebrew Sign

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“Some Louisiana residents panicked when they found a sign written in what they thought was Arabic. It turned out to be Hebrew. Cenk Uygur, host of the The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“Residents in the small Louisiana community of Gardner contacted both the local sheriff’s department and the media to report signs they believed may have contained a terrorist threat written in Arabic.

News Channel 5, the NBC station in nearby Alexandria, posted an image of one of the signs on Facebook…”

The signs did not include a terrorist message, nor were they even in Arabic. The messages were written in Hebrew and say “Welcome home, Yamit.”

The Young Turks: “Idiotic Islamophobes Call 911 After Seeing Sign In Hebrew”

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  1. It would be most amusing if someone were to post “Jindal for President” signs written in Arabic in Louisiana.

  2. Yep, If I were an Islamic terrorist, I would leave signs written in Arabic around to terrorize the good people of Gardner, LA, because I would figure that most of them can’t read English anyway, so I might as well target my message of terror at perhaps the only literate group for miles around — Arabic speakers.

    Of course, were I capable of that level of sophisticated strategery, I would probably know Arabic from Hebrew script.

  3. You jackasses are sure quick to criticize all, or even “most”, of the people of Louisiana because of the ignorance and stupidity of a tiny, but vocal, minority.
    Don’t you realize that this make YOU look just as bigoted and ignorant as them???
    Most of us here are laughing at the simpletons that don’t know the difference between the two languages. Now we’re laughing at you prejudiced f&(ing hypocrites too. You’re just as guilty as they are.

    • I don’t know if you can wriggle out of the jackass label that easily. A majority of citizens elected Bobby Jindal and the state is 47th nationally in education:
      link to wallethub.com

  4. Is English your second language? You wrote “just as bigoted and ignorant as them”. In English we say “just as bigoted and ignorant as they.”

  5. In states such as Louisiana and Texas, many well-intended folks are too undereducated to realize their demonstrated ignorance.

    Blame a dual-valued state’s culture, a proven inadequate educational system and local peer-group pressure.

    Besides a bunch of education jus’ gets folks uppity and rabblerousin.’ Who needs that?

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