Trump in Alabama: Playing George Wallace & making Latinos the new N-Word

Margaret Howell and Jo Ankier | (TheLipTV Video News Commentary) | – –

“Donald Trump held a pep rally at the Ladd-Peebles Stadium in Alabama on Friday night drawing around 30,000 people. The Republican frontrunner’s speech highlighted his immigration stance, which many have condemned as racist, sparking comparisons to segregationist George Wallace from both his supporters and critics. We look at the event on the Lip News with Margaret Howell and Jo Ankier.”

TheLipTV: “Donald Trump Alabama Rally Brings Out Racist Support”

4 Responses

  1. The part about Trump’s flip-flopping across party lines reminds me of a similar “transformation” that occurred to Eldrige Cleaver in the 1970’s. Cleaver had been a Black Panther and then became a Republican.

    In an interview Timothy Leary was asked how to explain this. Leary replied that Cleaver only wanted to be on the side that he figured would enable himself to kick more ass.

  2. I wondered in the past why Republicans didn’t make a more sustained effort to attract Blacks who hate illegal aliens. Maybe the Evangelical obsession with converting “entrepreneurial” Latinos and overthrowing Catholicism blocked this. Not a concern for Trump.

  3. super390 — 2 answers:

    1) My experience is it’s a small minority of African-Americans who “hate” illegal aliens. While I hesitate to paint any group with a very broad brush, I’ve found them to be unusually sympathetic to other disadvantaged groups.

    2) See my initial comment — It’s the racism, stupid.

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