Slovakia Will Only Accept Christian Migrants

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“Slovakia announced Thursday that it will only accept Christians when it takes in refugees fleeing conflict in Syria under an EU resettlement plan as Europe deals with an influx of migrants. Muslims would not be accepted because they would not feel at home, according to Interior Ministry spokesman Ivan Netik who denied the move was discriminatory. We look at Slovakia’s exclusive approach to the migrant crisis on the Lip News with Jo Ankier and Jose Marcelino Ortiz.”

TheLipTV: “Slovakia Will Only Accept Christian Migrants”

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  1. Something similar (albeit unofficially) has been happening in the US.

    Many Iraqis are trying to immigrate to the US, but apparently it is mainly the Christian Iraqis who are getting through all the bureaucratic hoops.

    There are now 60,000 Chaldean Iraqis living to the east of San Diego, CA in El Cajon. An American-Iraqi, Mark Arabo, has set up an ‘underground railroad’ and is working with human smugglers to get Christian Iraqis to the United States where they can petition for asylum. He has over 70,000 applications from Iraqis desperate to escape Iraq:

    link to

    The sad fact is that more than 4 million people in Iraq need refuge. But few nations, in the Middle East or in the West, are willing to help them.

    It’s a tragic state of affairs that so little is being done to quickly help all refugees who are the innocent victims of war, regardless of their religion.

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