In Honor of Jon Stewart’s Finale, that time he showed a Juan Cole clip re: al-Qaeda

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Jon Stewart is the most brilliant man on television, and Steve Colbert said it well, that we’ve all learned from him “how to do our jobs” — the job being to be a critical consumer of information and news. Not having him to turn to at 11 pm four nights a week will leave a gaping hole in our lives. But I guess he figures that if we disciples haven’t learned from him how to think for ourselves by now, we never will. Happy trails, Jon.

I never had the honor to be a guest on Jon’s show, but he did once use a clip of me from Aljazeera America, and that’s something I’ll cherish. (I was on the Colbert Report, the other half of Comedy Central’s 11-12 comedic news hour). Here it goes:

This part of the piece has the clip of my interview on the subject at Aljazeera America.

Here is the second part of the Jon Stewart piece on the break between al-Qaeda and its former affiliate, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

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  1. Ok Stewart is brilliant and hysterical. However all of the hoopla in the news about Jon Stewart’s alleged bravery on all issues. Lots in the piece aired on Friday evening “Jon Stewart has left the building” with Rachel Maddow, his writers, Al Sharpton, Richard Engel etc saying things like “no one was off limits” …”relentless”. …”cleverly going after any topic”…”goes after high targets.” Really? Stewart has his sacred cow. He seldom criticized Israel or Israeli leaders. I know he did a piece on Aipac espionage case/Harman etc. However I remember that being a first. Did he have Mearsheimer and Walt on when their book came out? Saw an interview with Musharif where Stewart publicly skewers him. Have we ever witnessed Stewart doing this with an Israeli official? Did Stewart hammer Israeli leaders when they were killing innocent Palestinians last summer? Not that I know of. On Iran I have heard Stewart sing some of the neocons false claims about Iran having a nuclear weapons program. All of this canonizing of Stewart of being willing to go after any leader, any country is just bullshit. He talks about having a bullshit meter…Being vigilant. Yet Stewart failed in really covering Israel’s crimes against humanity that he applied to other leaders and countries. I love his humor he was not brave on all issues. Not at all. He was selective in who and when he would dig into an issue or leaders. Was not a level playing field when it came to all things Israel

    • Geez, are you kidding? He set up Israel and Netanyahu plenty. Investigate, dont spout knee-jerk accusations.

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