Trump: My Iran Deal would be 100x Better, I’d Make World Obey

CNN | (New Day Video Report) | – –

“Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump talks to CNN’s New Day about the nuclear agreement with Iran.”

CNN: “Donald Trump: My Iran nuclear deal would be 100 times better”

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  1. I’m sure the rest of the world can hardly wait to lick the boots and crawl on their bellies to this bellowing sack of fat.

  2. What the US people should do, before it´s too late is. Throw a rope over a strong rafter and hang G Bush and D Rumsfeld from one end and this senseless duck from the other for a couple of weeks

  3. Eduardo@al, why only few weeks it is too little. These puppets of AIPAC have brain washed and still brainwashing the foolish American public for decades. They have destroyed this beautiful country.
    America will never be back to its glory days

  4. There is an obvious answer to the mystery of how Trump can possibly do what he promises to do: When he says he went to Wharton School and we all think that he means the business school at the U of Pennsylvania, we are wrong. He’s really saying that he went to Hogwart’s School. Like Harry Potter, Trump a wizard! The reason all those people in other countries will do what he says because he’s going to cast spells on them.

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