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  1. I have not visited Rowan in a coon’s age, and it is hard for me to take a side in this without knowing whether Kim is an Underwood or a Holbrook. If you are interested in the county’s past, I recommend this video for the historiography and photographs but not for the music.

    link to youtube.com

  2. Inmate Davis is not a criminal. She obviously lacks full capacity.

    The Kentucky officials over her have pulled the old “Pontius Pilate trick,” washed their hands and left her in the jaws of a greater power for her non-compromising zeal.

    Davis features herself as a media frenzy martyr. And indeed martyrdom is a very Christian act. Something that has worked powerfully for thousands of years. Nevertheless, in today’s United States it is the act of a somewhat deranged individual.

    The symptoms are obvious. She needs help, not incarceration.

    And a whole lot less attention.

  3. Speaking as a Limey, living in England I don’t see the problem. Why doesn’t the court fire this woman rather than jail her? If her religious beliefs prevent her from carrying out her professional duties she perhaps should resign.

    • The court can imprison Kim Davis for contempt but it cannot remove her from office. If she will not resign, she can only be removed from office by the Kentucky General Assembly. The Assembly is not in session and it will not be until January, unless Governor Steve Beshear calls a special session to consider this matter. He was petitioned to do so, but he has not responded to the petition.

      Once the Assembly is in session, Kim must be impeached by the House of Representatives and tried by the Senate. If convicted, she could then be removed from office. The Kentucky Legislative Research Commission published a monograph on their impeachment process. It is the best reading I have done on a Labor Day weekend, but I have peculiar tastes.

      link to lrc.ky.gov

      In 1991, the General Assembly had a special session to impeach the Commissioner of Agriculture. They hadn’t impeached anyone since 1916, no one remembered how to do it, and that was the origin of the monograph. They have impeached four altogether: a County Surveyor in 1803, a State Treasurer in 1888, a County Judge in 1916, and Commissioner Butch Burnette in 1991.

      Rocky Adkins (Dem) represents Rowan County in the Kentucky House of Representatives. He is Majority Floor Leader, and if he called for impeachment, presumably some of his colleagues would listen. All I know about Rocky is that he plays guitar and appreciates the coal industry. The former implies ability to do something useful, the later a disinclination to do the same.

      I do not expect the Governor and General Assembly to control Kim Davis any better than they controlled the Underwoods and Holbrooks in 1884. I expect that Kim will sit in jail until she gets sick of jail or her doctor tells her to quit. Then she will resign her office, do a speaking tour, publish a book, and get a job with Fox News.

  4. A lot of fundamentalist Christians push Romans 13, which, in a nutshell, says Christians should obey the governing authorities because they are established by God.
    So I hope she’s busy reading Romans 13 in her cell.

    Naturally, these folks want to establish a “Christian” sharia type government,.

  5. Thanks, Londo for a very helpful answer. I’m not sure I understand why it’s necessary to make an elective post out of what is, essentially, an administrative role. Over here court administrators (and judges) are appointed.

  6. people are concerned that this is just the start, can you tell me why arresting minsters for not performing same sex marriages will not happen?

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