America’s Dumb Bigots: Sikh Man Beaten Before Anniversary Of 9/11

Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, John Iadarola, and Wes Clark Jr. | (The Young Turks Video Report) | – –

“One tragic aspect of our post-9/11 legacy is Americans terrorizing, beating, and murdering muslims (as well as people they mistake for Muslims). Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz (Turner Classic Movies), John Iadarola (Think Tank), and Wes Clark Jr., hosts of the The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“A Sikh man was beaten in a roadside attack on Tuesday night in suburban Chicago by an assailant who called him a “terrorist,” television WMAQ reported. Police in Darien, Illinois were treating the incident, which came just days before the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks, as a hate crime, according to the station.

According to WMAQ, Inderjit Singh Mukker, a longtime American citizen and father of two, was driving to the grocery store when a fellow driver began lobbing insults at him and repeatedly cutting him off. The station reported that Mukker said he pulled over to let the man pass, but the other driver stopped his car, walked over to Mukker’s vehicle, and started beating him through the open window. According to the station, Mukker said that during the assault, the man berated him with racial slurs, including, “Go back to your country, Bin Laden!” “

The Young Turks: “Sikh Man Beaten Before Anniversary Of 9/11”

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  1. This is so sad. Yet still so typical — Sikhs were attacked and killed after 9-11 by dumbass American “patriots” for similar reasons. Years later, the same hatred, bigotry, and ignorance holds sway.

  2. Wicked Clever

    This literally makes me ill. The entire foundation of Sikh philosophy is built on gentleness & compassion. #BigotryisEvil

  3. What’s to blame? The EDUCATION system? The controlled and/or bigot mainstream media? The parents-children deficiency in teaching open mindedness? Or is it some particularity of the U.S.A.? The 67-year old Canadian in me has seen the American Dream become more like a serious nightmare over the decades…

    • Valid points, all.

      The “dumbing-down of America” is taking it’s toll.

      And viewing the “nightmare” from the inside is terrifying.

      The majority of these misguided vigilante @$$#@†$ are armed to the teeth.

    • My personal theory is that this is a teaching deficit, both with parents and with our current dysfunctional education system. Americans are simply not learning critical thinking, specifically, the ability to sort horse-pucky from actual, real information. This allows our current media establishment to go after “eyeballs” by pushing the horse-pucky, because that’s what folks emotionally react to.

      Just my theory. The 3rd thing I remember my grandmother teaching me is the difference between an occurrence, or my observation of it, from the “meaning”, or what my brain pattern-matches to come up with an explanation. No one seems to teach that kind of thought analysis any more. I can actually ask folks from younger generations, and they claim to me that perceptions (the brain’s interpretations) are just as real as reality, and in fact more important to deal with. I happen to disagree. You have to remove the horse-pucky, before you can see the street you’re inspecting, right? :)

      • Perceptions and interpretations are not the same thing. Perceptions come before interpretations.

  4. Racism continues to flourish where a population suffers from the effects of inequality, corporate dominance and an intolerable military industrial complex. We have no gun laws , no safety net for struggling families and the US has created a horrific refugee tragedy beginning with the Iraq war fought on deceit and lies. We have brought down middle East countries for personal gain, god knows why. Violence begets violence.

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