Bernie Sanders’s Surge in Iowa from Attractiveness of His Ideas: Poll

Phil Mattingly | Bloomberg Business | (Video News Report) | – –

“Hillary Clinton saw her support in Iowa dwindle as voters boosted Bernie Sanders in the latest Bloomberg Politics/ Des Moines Register poll that also found a bipartisan dislike for the state of politics in the United States. Bloomberg’s Phil Mattingly reports on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Bloomberg Business: ” Bernie Sanders Gains Steam in Latest Iowa Survey”

From the Bloomberg Politics/ Desmoines Register Poll:


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  1. I really believe the old maxim, “Democrats fall in love, Republicans fall in line.” In my 50+ years experience, this has always proven to be true: Democrats cannot win an election unless they have a charismatic candidate that is beloved by the base, so that the base turns out in force on Election Day.

    Hillary is not that candidate.

    Sure, “Email-gate” may pass, and Benghazi is just something that GOP wing-nuts (plus Carly Fiorina) go on about, but Hillary’s favourability ratings as well as her “trustworthiness” ratings are in the toilet. You simply cannot depend on her to galvanize and excite an Obama-like coalition to save the day on November 8, 2016.

    Let’s face it: such phrases as “she’s the only viable candidate”, “she’s better than what the GOP has” and worst of all, “think about the Supreme Court” are simply NOT the rallying cries that will get the Democratic base to the polls. And we all know that when people stay home, Democrats lose.

    The irony, of course, is that we have seen this all before. Remember the catchphrase from the 2004 election: “dated Dean, married Kerry” ?

    We all know how well that “sensible choice” turned out. Let’s not make that mistake again, Democrats! FEEL THE BERN!!

  2. In her replay of the race against Obama, Hillary has again played the entitlement card too forcefully and too long, with the manipulative support of Party leaders like Debby Schultz. I’m reminded of the old childish refrain: “nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I’m gonna go eat worms”.

  3. Clinton “has again played the entitlement card”

    I would like to hear a proponent of this “card” explain to what, why, Clinton is “entitled” to something.

    • I’ll jump in: she believes she is entitled to the Presidency. Hillary Rodham Clinton wants to be President of the United States. THAT is why she is running. It is her turn, she has suffered ignominy and shame, countless slings and arrows, standing by Bill and toughing it out, so that she could arrive at long last at this point in history, where it is HER moment, where it is HER time, where it is HER right to be President. It is, in the end all about HER – Hillary Rodham Clinton.
      By contrast, Bernie Sanders is about helping people, he is running not for himself, but for the average American. and THAT is the difference.

  4. We can elect a Kenyan-born Socialist, Reverend Wright following, Muslim ex-pothead, cinnamon roll hoarding person-of-color as our President, TWICE – electing a too old Jew(ish) Socialist agitator Senator Bernie Sanders will be a piece of cake.

    Especially if rabble-rousing, anti-capitalist, closet Socialist, TARP-loving, turncoat Okie now blue state Senator Elizabeth Warren is the running mate/person.

    It would be the 2016 Blue State Socialist Conspiracy to take away those guns and War-on-Religious Freedoms ticket.

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