Kentucky Christian mini-caliphate still denying Gay Marriage Licenses in Name of God

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“Kim Davis, a clerk for Rowan County, Kentucky, refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples one day after the Supreme Court told her she had no legal ground to stand on.”

AJ+: “Same-Sex Marriage Licenses STILL Denied By Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis”

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  2. Stand your ground Kim ! The supper court does not make laws ! Make the gays go to some other Satan worshiper for a unholy union. Arrest the gays for breaking the sodomy law ! They want “justice” jail all of them.

  3. Being a self-Christened pseudo-demigod doesn’t count.

    She is in non-compliance therefore contempt-able.

    And a potential running mate for Senadate Ted Cruz.

  4. What would happen if someone came in with 3 women and petitioned for a marriage to 2 and a concubine permit for the 3rd? Would she permit “God’s Law?” Someone should test this out.

  5. Rowan County, Kentucky, was the scene of the Rowan County War, a feud between the Underwood and Holbrook extended families which dragged on from 1884 through 1887, in which 20 were killed and 16 wounded. Here is a contemporary account from the New York Times:

    link to

    In my youth I learned a traditional American ballad, “The Rowan County Crew,” which I sang to the great annoyance of my family and friends. I thought it was ancient history. I never dreamed I would see maniacs like Kim Davis go to war over their delusions and disturb public order in Morehead, Kentucky.

    Dock Boggs sings “The Rowan County Crew” here:

    link to

    The lyric is here

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    but Dock was one of a kind, and it is more fun to hear it sung.

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